Cop Admits Drug Squad Threatened Witnesses, Planted Evidence, and Stole Cash

Philly Cops by SUV. The Officers pictured are not implicated. Image source: Zuzu

Philly Cops by SUV. The Officers pictured are not implicated.
Image source: Zuzu

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (TFC) – During an explosive testimony former cop Jeffrey Walker said that his squad engaged in a lengthy pattern of civil rights abuses, framing suspects, and outright robbery. He said that it occurred too many times to count.

He admitted that his squad stole hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, and that falsifying police reports was the norm. The squad would often conduct violent raids without a warrant and then obtain the warrant after the fact. He also stated that the squad targeted white “college boy” types that the officers could easily intimidate. They threatened to kill suspects that would not cooperate.

Walker was providing the testimony in an attempt to save his own skin while selling out the other criminals with badges that he worked with. Texts from Walker’s phone indicate that the other officers threatened him. The criminal enterprise’s alleged supervisor, Thomas Liciardello, sent Walker text messages wishing he was dead and threatening to have him “locked up.”

Thomas Liciardello was the de facto boss of the Narcotics Field Unit squad. He and five other cops are on trial for a list of charges. The real supervisor was Sergeant Joe McCloskey. There has been no evidence that McCloskey profited from any of the crimes. Liciardello is said to have received a cut from every robbery.

Admitted drug dealer Michael Cascioli told the jury a story earlier this week that Walker corroborated. As Cascioli and Walker tells it, Liciardello ordered him hung over a balcony and threatened his life unless he did what they wanted. Liciardello allegedly told him:

“You’ve seen the movie Training Day? This is Training Day for . . . real.”

Cascioli says he then threatened to throw him off the balcony and that no one would ever know.

These are just the latest allegations against officers in the department. Over the last few months, a number of Philadelphia’s Finest have been arrested for everything from drunk driving to police brutality. They have been accused of being so petty as to arrest someone simply because he beat a pair of officers in a basketball game.

Walker will face cross examination today.

Over 150 convictions have been overturned and the lawsuits against the city are piling up.