Georgia National Guard Riot Training

Georgia National Guard Riot Training

Baltimore, Maryland (TFC) – Source states that overwhelming force will be brought to bear in Baltimore at daybreak to clear the streets completely of all dissidents. Maryland National Guard troops are expected to rapidly deploy in Humvees and armored vehicles around daybreak and are expected to remain for days. This is the same source that correctly stated National Guard would not be on the streets in Ferguson when all indications pointed otherwise.The expectation for the morning should be heavy law enforcement and military presence. National Guard is expected to have chemical agents, less than lethal weapons, and live ammunition at their disposal. The Fifth Column has yet to obtain rules of engagement.

[UPDATE – 6:42AM: Local affiliates are reporting that National Guard troops have arrived, but have yet to deploy in massive numbers yet. The riot control efforts are still in the hands of police authorities.

UPDATE – 8:22AM: As predicted, National Guard forces fanned out through the city.]

Dissidents are advised to remember that many National Guard troops train only two weeks per year. Fire discipline and professionalism should not be expected. This may be the most stressful situation the troops have ever been in. The Fifth Column would never advise surrendering your right to peaceably assemble, but please take proper safety precautions. Stay far back from troops. Dissidents who do not wish to be identified need to cover their faces. The cameras will provide a limited amount of protection from unnecessary force. Please do not attack the press.

For the basics of dealing with chemical agents, click here.

The riots in response to the death of Freddie Gray have made an impact. At least 15 law enforcement officers have been reported injured. 5000 cops from neighboring states are on their way to Baltimore. Maryland National Guard is expected to request assistance from neighboring states if tomorrow’s activities do not end the uprising.

Quote from source: “Tell these f-ckers to remember they are less than one hour from the Capitol of the f-cking country. The response will not be the same as Ferguson. The risk of this spiraling out of control is too big for commanders to sit on their f-cking hands.”

Journalists in AO: Vests, helmets, masks, and clear “Press” identification on clothing is mandatory for TFC journalists in area. If you are a livestreamer or independent media in the area and do not have press identification, contact The Fifth Column and we will provide a digital press pass to display from your phone or print even if you do not currently work with us. Be safe.