Americans should be more concerned about rogue cops than terrorists

Image Source: DOD

Image Source: DOD

Washington, D.C. (TFC) – There’s a threat in America, lurking on the streets, ready to strike. The threat has the system on their side, allowing them to act with impunity. It’s not ISIS who rules the streets of America, killing and maiming at will. It is the American police that have turned peaceful streets into roads of terror, and unlike ISIS, that story isn’t being publicized. While the mainstream media fear mongers the public regarding ISIS, the threat police pose to Americans has been ignored.

Since 9/11 Americans have been told the threat exists in jihadists in the Middle East who chant Death to America while trying to recruit westerners to join the fight. As ISIS continues to behead, and execute prisoners in places like Syria and Iraq, Washington continues to fear monger. They say a terror attack in imminent; they argue scores of Americans will die any day thanks to an attack by jihadists who devalue life. Those fears are not matched with numbers.

There has been no terror attack since The Boston Bombings of 2013, if the number of dead is added to the attacks since 2002, a grand total of nineteen people have been murdered. More Americans have died from poisonings, intentional drowning, and fire in that time. Although dozens of threats have been uncovered, the majority of them don’t get past the discussion phase. Quite frankly, America should not be hiding in the bushes fearful of the next attack. Acts of terror take months, even years to plan, and have to sneak through America’s massive spy state before they can be carried out.

What America should be fearful of is a system that allows poorly trained officers who are infested with warrior mentalities to literally get away with murder.

Since 9/11 more Americans have been killed at the hands of police officers than terrorists. In March alone, police officers killed more Americans than the British police killed during the entire 20th century. When people are employed to protect the peace, they should protect lives, not end them; but as the body count increases, the American government ignores these crimes, and the mainstream media refuses to report on the stories, leaving alternative news outlets to pick up the slack. While Americans are taught to fear terrorists killing and raping people thousands of miles away, murderers and rapists with badges are being allowed to break the law with impunity and bias on their side.

According to data compiled by Fatal Encounters, a non-profit that tracks police killings, around 5,600 Americans have been killed by law enforcement since 2000. Those high numbers are sadly just the tip of the iceberg. The head of Fatal Encounters estimated his group captured numbers of only 35% of all police killings; giving Americans only a glimpse of the problem.

In 2010, Officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney was in pursuit of a suspected speeder on the roads of rural Arkansas. When the Miata stopped in a ditch, Brackney flooded the car with bullets, killing James Ahern with several rounds in the back. Five years later, after pleading down from manslaughter, and being fired from the force he worked for at the time of the shooting, Brackney is without a record, and serves as a police chief in a town just a few miles from the scene.

In his defense, Brackney claimed Ahern was about to back the car up in his direction, however, according to The Washington Post, video of the incident disputes Brackney’s claim, who was allowed to walk free and get another job with a different police force after firing gunshots into a car that was stuck in a ditch.

The story is one of hundreds reported, or not reported where police are given the benefit of the doubt from the public who see police as holy prophets sent down from God who can do no wrong.

In a case where prosecutor J.R. Joyner called the forensic evidence, “the strongest of any case in my career,” Darlington County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Robertson approached William Sheffield, a suspect in a robbery of a gas grill and three trailers. As Robertson handcuffed Sheffield on the hood of the suspect’s truck, the man according to Robertson reached for his gun, the officer fired two shots, and Sheffield ran into the woods, where the unarmed man was killed thanks to bullets fired into his back.

Joyner told the Washington Post, “There was no threat because there was no one around who could get hurt. There was a trail of shell casings that showed the deputy chased him and shot at him as he ran away.” Although the evidence pointed to an unjustified killing, the jury acquitted Robertson who still works for the same department.

Two officers, in two different states killed unarmed men, and received no punishment, because the public has a bias towards all police officers. According to law professor David Harris, “To get (juries) to buy into a story where the officer is the bad guy goes fundamentally against everything they believe.” The expert on police force argued a bias exists within juries that paint all police officers as saints, and that is part of the massive problem. Prosecutors need to find egregious examples of police brutality to even press charges.  These are people who depend on cops to help them prosecute murderers and thieves without badges; the relationship between cops and prosecutors is one of dependence; and that makes police brutality defensible.

In the same Washington Post story that cited the two above examples of cops getting away with murder, the newspaper studied cases of police murder with Bowling Green University and found, despite thousands of cases, only 54 police officers faced charges after fatal shootings, with most of the officers being cleared of charges, or acquitted.

Terror attacks are scary. Thousands can die in a manner of seconds; it only took minutes for thousands to die at The World Trade Center, but when innocent, or unarmed people are being killed daily by people who are tasked with saving lives and preventing crime, the reality is even harder to swallow. Only the truly crazy side with terrorists; no jury in America would sympathize with a man or a woman who built a bomb to end dozens or hundreds of lives, but they are believing murderous cops when evidence points to cold blooded murder. They still believe, despite hundreds of cases, the beating of peaceful protesters in Ferguson, and the militarized police killing and maiming young children in the search of a plant; juries still believe every single cop resides in Mayberry.

The American justice system does not protect terrorists; it protects lawless police officers who maim and kill Americans by using the tired excuse of, “I feared for my life.” The system allowed for a police officer to force a woman to perform oral sex on him, and give him the satisfaction to not having to register as a sex offender.

Police who have killed innocent people have been granted freedom; in some cases they got their jobs back. Even with surveillance video showing a vicious beating of a mentally ill homeless man, two police officers were acquitted, showing bad cops have been allowed to roam American streets to exert their power with violence.