Will Immortal Technique’s beatdown of bootleggers hurt him?

Image Credit: Jørund F Pedersen

Image Credit: Jørund F Pedersen

Santa Ana, California (TFC) – Rapper Immortal Technique allegedly assaulted and robbed people who were selling shirts bearing his trademarked logo outside of one of his concerts. The apparent victims claim the rapper and his entourage stole their cash, cell phones, and the shirts before beating them and fleeing.

The dispute allegedly began over Immortal Technique not receiving compensation for the use of his logo.

Only two of the twelve suspects, one being the rapper, were caught and arrested. The shirts were not recovered by the police and it is unclear if there is any evidence beyond the word of the accused bootleggers.

Immortal Technique’s audience is substantially made up of listeners associated with the Anonymous collective. It will be interesting to see how the collective responds to the allegations. Anonymous has a history of supporting open source products and brands. It is also well known for resorting and facilitating piracy when the situation calls for it.

So far the social media comments from Anons are mixed.

D. Rodriguez said:

“Way to go Technique. The man puts out entire albums for free and you think you can sell his logo on a t-shirt without paying him homage? Ha!”

D. Fox:

“Set up!”

F. Rezel:

“What a f-cking sellout.”

In 2012, Immortal Technique’s net worth was reported as $2.5 million. While he is certainly well off, in comparison to rappers that are less socially active he’s in the poor house.