US Finally Admits Breakup of Iraq the Real Threat

Baghdad, Iraq (TFC) – In a rare moment of honesty, the US and Iraq are admitting that the real concern is the breakup of Iraq and not the threat posed by the Islamic State.

General Petraeus traveled to Iraq this month and in a very candid interview, he confirmed what The Fifth Column has been explaining for weeks: the breakup of Iraq is a very real possibility. It may even be the only realistic prediction for the future.

“the #1 long term threat to Iraq’s equilibrium — and the broader regional balance — is not the Islamic State, which I think is on the path to being defeated in Iraq and pushed out of its Iraqi sanctuary. The most significant long term threat is that posed by the Iranian-backed Shiite militias. If Daesh is driven from Iraq and the consequence is that Iranian-backed militias emerge as the most powerful force in the country — eclipsing the Iraqi Security Forces, much as Hezbollah does in Lebanon — that would be a very harmful outcome for Iraqi stability and sovereignty, not to mention our own national interests in the region.”

Petraeus didn’t discuss the other factions in Iraq that are also vying to destabilize the US puppet government in Baghdad so they can establish their own nations.

Iraq’s Vice-President also publicly condemned Iran’s assistance. The national government in Ir

Image Credit: "Sabaa Nissan Militiaman" by Christiaan Briggs

Image Credit: “Sabaa Nissan Militiaman” by Christiaan Briggs

aq is more concerned with maintaining their own power than protecting the citizens that are currently under the thumb of the only regime in the region that is more brutal than Saudi Arabia.

Vice President Allawi said:

“As far as I’m concerned these clusters of militias, whether Sunni or Shia, are the main threat and indeed the governments and regional powers who support these groups are the biggest threat to Iraq and to the future of Iraq.”

These militias are made up of the various ethnic groups that were thrown together in one nation when the borders of Iraq were drawn up almost 100 years ago by people who knew nothing of the region.

If these quotes are not evidence enough that the governments in Baghdad and Washington have realized the severity of the situation, consider this one from Iraq’s Vice President:

“The failure of this country means the failure of the whole region. That’s why it’s very important to keep Iraq as a united, federal, democratic country and to get reconciliation on the ground and to build a viable state.”

A united Iraq is only in the interests of large corporations and the current ruling elite of the country. All other demographics are more interested in attaining their own self-determination than preserving an artificial nation manufactured under colonial rule.

CIA Director Brennan is already beginning the public relations campaign to convince Americans that Iran is an enemy and that American blood is once again needed to preserve American interests (corporate interests) in the country.