UN condemns Israel for plight of Palestinian women; Israel plays politics

Image Credit: Carlos Latuff

Image Credit: Carlos Latuff

Ramallah, Occupied West Bank (TFC) – The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has approved a resolution citing Israel’s discriminatory practices against Palestinian women. Israel’s Ambassador has responded by basically saying other countries are worse.

Palestinian women in the West Bank do suffer the brunt of the hits from Israeli settlers who attack them while the Israeli soldiers watch apathetically.

“’The Israeli occupation impacts on the lives of Palestinian women at every juncture. From sexual harassment and assault, discriminatory treatment of Palestinian female prisoners to being forced to give birth at Israeli checkpoints,’ Dima Nashashibi from the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling told Inter Press Service.

Palestinian women have regularly been attacked and assaulted by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank where they are often the only persons at home during the day as men are at work.

The women and their children have been shoved, stoned and shot at or have had tear gas canisters thrown into their homes while Israeli soldiers looked on and did nothing to stop the settlers.”


Rather than even remotely attempting to address the deplorable living conditions of women in the occupied territories and their harassment at the hands of his citizens, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor just pointed out other nations that engage in more serious violations. In essence, he said he could rape one girl because Saudi Arabia raped two.


“If anyone had any doubt that there was demonization of Israel at the United Nations, here is the entire truth before our eyes. There are 193 member states in the UN, and they include countries that butcher men and women, jail both male and female journalists, execute female oppositionists and legislate laws against women.

All of these countries receive immunity in the UN. The UN Commission on the Status of Women is itself comprised of some of the worst violators of women’s rights, including Iran and Sudan, two of the more moderate members by comparison.”

An Israel official commenting on other countries receiving immunity at the UN is fairly laughable considering Israeli officials admit to being under the protection of a US “veto umbrella.”


The media ran stories saying that Israel was “singled out” or that the UN “blames” Israel for the condition of Palestinian women. Yes, Israel was singled out for the treatment of women at the hands of its citizens while being protected by its military in areas their nation is occupying. It’s unclear which country Israel believes should be singled out to receive the blame for its actions in the West Bank.