The Fifth Column Launches its New ‘Tradecraft’ section

Welcome to Tradecraft

Welcome to Tradecraft

Washington, DC (TFC) – In accordance with The Fifth Column’s mission to undermine national and corporate propaganda, it has appropriated various intelligence terms to describe its sections. For instance, a “brush pass” is a quick and dirty pass of information from spy to handler in the field. At TFC, it is a section of quick and dirty articles of around 300 words that transfers vital information from us to you. Our newest section shares a similar espionage-related title: Tradecraft.

“Tradecraft” is the term used to describe the skills necessary for spies to do their jobs in the field. TFC’s tradecraft section will be focused on providing our readers with little bits of forbidden knowledge and how-to guides on topics such as: cybersecurity, dealing with law enforcement, survival, personal protection, or any other topic that is overlooked and undiscussed.

The Fifth Column will rely on the expertise of our contributors and conduct interviews with outside specialists to provide our readers with in-depth advice on these subjects.

It’s time for everyone to improve their tradecraft.  Through this service, The Fifth Column hopes to hone your mind, your knowledge, and your skills.