Stabbed Snitch Suing Feds for $50 Million

Image Credit: Beyond my Ken

Image Credit: Beyond my Ken

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (TFC) – A prisoner that cooperated to get a sentence break, then voluntarily began snitching on inmates to prison authorities was assaulted in the federal facility in which he was housed. The informant is now suing the feds for $50 million.

Peter D. Bistrian wasn’t a newcomer to federal prisons. He had federal fraud convictions in 1994, 1996, and 2000 prior to the incident he was sentenced for in 2008. District Judge Jan E. DuBois said

“There is evidence in the record that you experience a certain euphoria when you commit fraud, and you demonstrate that to the court by committing fraud after fraud after fraud.”

Bistrian could have been sentenced to decades in prison for the most recent conviction. He was sentenced to less than five years because of his extraordinary cooperation with federal officials.

Once he was at a federal detention center, he got into trouble for using another inmate’s allotted phone time. It’s a relatively common practice to buy additional time from inmates that don’t have family to contact. When Bistrian was busted, he wound up in the Secure Housing Unit or SHU (pronounced “shoe”).

The SHU is what would have been called “the hole” back in less civil days. It’s still a pretty horrible place. The inmate is kept in a 6×8 room for about 23 hours per day. There is little human contact and there are no privileges. People end up in the SHU for one of three reasons:

Disciplinary issues. (Smuggling cigarettes, using another inmate’s phone time, etc)
Being disruptive to prison society. (Think Hannibal Lecter)
Ratting out so many people you’re going to get stabbed. (It’s called Protective Custody when this happens, but the effects and treatment are the same.)

Rather than complete his brief stay in the SHU, Bistrian decided to start snitching. He was asked to pass a note by another inmate because Bistrian became an orderly, which allows for a great deal of movement. Bistrian agreed and passed the note. However, from then on out he stopped by the guards’ office and allowed them to photocopy the notes for an FBI investigation. He did this in exchange for getting out of the SHU early.

The man he sold out in order to be released from the SHU a few days early was Kaboni Savage. Savage was, well…  savage. We’re referring to him in the past tense because he was sentenced to death for organizing six murders from the SHU. He also gave up information on the “Fort Dix Six,” he gave up information on a member of the Latin Kings, and even sold out his own cellmate who had smuggled some drugs into the prison.

After doing all of this, he believes the feds were negligent in protecting him from being assaulted. The first incident occurred when Bistrian was caught on the recreation yard and stomped by three inmates. He was placed back in the SHU after a little first aid. Bistrian claims as part of the lawsuit that he wasn’t given proper medical treatment.

If you’re marked as a rat in a prison, the last place you want to be is the infirmary. Scalpels, scissors, needles, glass of all sorts, and other cutting instruments are everywhere. The guards were probably doing him a favor.

Later, coming out of the SHU in a fenced in area he was attacked again, but this time he was attacked with a shiv while he was in handcuffs. His attacker continued slashing until the guards broke it up with a concussion grenade. This attack led him to be taken to the local emergency hospital where he received 52 stitches. Indeed snitches do get stitches.

Because of the Bureau of Prison’s failure to protect him, he wants a check for $50 million.