SITREP: A glance at the news for March 30, 2015

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the SITREP.

(TFC) – A SITREP is a situation report covering stories of global importance. These reports will provide you with crucial details of world events at a glance. Here’s your briefing for this morning.

NSA debated ending domestic surveillance program: The Associated Press is reporting that the National Security Agency held an internal debate about ending the domestic spying program before Edward Snowden leaked the details to the public. Those that supported ending the practice of spying on Americans pointed to the high cost and the lack of results.

Syria receiving arms from Russia: Syria is receiving arms from Russia to battle the militants attempting to overthrow the government. The US armed the rebels in an attempt to destabilize the regime and incidentally assisted in the spread of the Islamic State. Russia is stepping up its support of developing nations since the US-backed coup in Ukraine. Saudi Arabia, a US client, has asked Russia to supplying arms to Syria.

Movie highlighting PTSD available free for two days: An in depth film showcasing the transition of special operations soldiers is available today and tomorrow online. The film does wonders to dispel the myth that only weak soldiers succumb to the disorder by profiling soldiers from America’s toughest units and describing their challenges in detail.

AP Chief suggests killing journalists should be a war crime: CEO Gary Pruitt stated that journalists should be given special status under international law and that the targeting of journalists should be a war crime. The unintended consequence of such a law would be intelligence agencies using journalism as a cover for operations and making the job even more dangerous as governments begin detaining journalists to determine their true identities.

Soros ready to dump $1 billion into Ukraine: George Soros, who pumped almost $4 million into the Democratic Party’s coffers in 2014, is ready to collect on his payoff. He is asking the politicians he helped put in office to make Ukraine safe for investments; specifically a $1 billion dollar investment he is willing to make.