SITREP: A glance at the news for March 24, 2014

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the SITREP.

A SITREP is a situation report covering stories of global importance. These reports will provide you with crucial details of world events at a glance. Here’s your briefing for this morning.


Canada will expand bombing campaign: Canada will expand its bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This decision comes on the heels of a Canadian intelligence asset being apprehended while helping smuggle Islamic State sympathizers into Syria. Analysts suggest this is a public relations move. The current commitment of Canada consists of only 6 warplanes and around 70 special operations soldiers.

Utah approves execution by firing squad: Due to a shortage of the drugs used in lethal injection, Utah will begin simply shooting inmates if necessary. This news breaks the same day a death row inmate was cleared after spending 23 years waiting to be executed. Three or four people are exonerated and released from death row each year in the United States.

White House says Israeli Occupation of Palestine Must End: The White House said bluntly that “an occupation that has lasted 50 years must end.” Other harsh words were spoken during the press conference as well. This is the latest spat between Israel and the US. One of The Fifth Column’s journalists believes the words are simply intended to create an election issue in the United States.

California Ballot Proposal to Shoot Gays: The American media has finally started coverage of an initiative to execute homosexuals and other “sodomites” in California. Fifth Column readers were informed of the proposal 21 days ago.

Pakistan Wants Tactical Nukes: In hopes of deterring India, Pakistan wants to produce short range tactical nukes. The term “tactical nuclear weapon” gives the impression of a small blast. The truth is that there is no internationally binding legal definition of the term. Generally, the weapons range between 1 kiloton and 100 kilotons in explosive yield. For comparison, the blast that killed 66,000 people in the blink of an eye and leveled Hiroshima was a 15 kiloton warhead. When it comes to nuclear weapons, there is no such thing as a “tactical” device.