SITREP: A glance at the news for March 22, 2015

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the SITREP.

A SITREP is a situation report covering stories of global importance. These reports will provide you with crucial details of world events at a glance. Here’s your briefing for this morning.

Oil Companies File Lawsuit to Stop Fracking Regulations: The US government has finally decided to begin regulating fracking. The oil companies immediately filed a lawsuit to stop the regulations. The regulations would force companies to disclose the chemicals pumped into your drinking water, build safe wells, and dispose of contaminated water safely. Why there is even a debate over this is anyone’s guess.

Georgians March Demanding Government Step Down: Supporters of former President Mikheil Saakashvili marched through the capital of Tbilisi demanding the current President step down for failing to end the economic crisis in the country. The value of the country’s currency has plummeted about 30%. The scenario creates fears of replay of Ukraine’s recent revolution in Western analysts. The opposition party has vowed more protests.

Islamic State Threatens US Military Personnel at Home: The Islamic State’s hackers have released the names and addresses of 100 US military personnel that they have been marked for death. The Pentagon has not yet confirmed the accuracy of the list. Spokespeople for the various branches of the armed services have stated that they are notifying the people listed in the document, in person, which despite the Pentagon’s refusal to acknowledge the accuracy of the leaked names shows the document does list American troops. Islamic State propagandists are encouraging sympathizers in the US to carry out attacks on these military members.

Feds Attempting Rule Change that Makes Spying on You Easier: The Department of Justice is attempting to change Rule 41 to remove the clause that requires them to inform you before they remotely begin spying on you. This is another expansion of the US domestic spying program. It would also allow any federal judge to OK the warrant. Notice prior to a search is an essential part of a citizen’s Fourth Amendment protections in the United States. Google has publicly opposed the measure.

Crisis in Yemen Worsens: The US has ordered a complete withdrawal of all personnel and expects a full scale civil war to erupt in the Middle Eastern country that is a hotbed of Islamic extremism. The President of Yemen has asked for a United Nations intervention. Suicide bombers killed over 130 in an attack on a mosque.