SITREP: A glance at the news for March 21, 2015

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the SITREP.

A SITREP is a situation report covering stories of global importance. These reports will provide you with crucial details of world events at a glance. Here’s your briefing for this morning.

Cops involved in fatal car accident after leaving strip club: Four friends left a strip club, and while probably drunk, headed down the wrong way of a street causing a fatal car accident. Had these individuals had a different profession, it wouldn’t have been news. However, because these men were involved in law enforcement they are being held up by the media in a positive light. The Associated Press even released an article containing their employment records. The double standard of how law enforcement is treated by the media continues.

Puerto Rico will no longer attempt to ban gay marriage: The Puerto Rican government has stated that it will no longer challenge attempts to legalize gay marriage. The Catholic Governor reversed his decision because the conservative population is conservative enough to know when something is not the government’s business.

Photos of US soldiers abusing detainees ordered released: A federal judge ordered the release of more than 2000 images that have been kept under wraps for about a decade. They depict abuse by US troops at seven different detention centers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The treatment of detainees in Iraq triggered the beheadings of US personnel in the country, as reported in The Fifth Column.

Boko Haram mass grave found in Nigeria: Soldiers have discovered a mass grave in territory that was formerly under the control of the Boko Haram. The bodies were near Damasak under a bridge and number between 70 and 100. Most of the victims had their throats slit; others were shot in the head. The Boko Haram have been in full retreat since a multinational force engaged them

World Bank competitor signs new nations: France, Germany, and Italy are set to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The Fifth Column reported on this issue last week in depth. The additional Western nations joining the bank further exacerbates the US issues with losing control of the global loan sharking market.