Shooting of Homeless Man by LAPD Has Ominous Overtones


Los Angeles, CA (TFC) – Video footage that has been uploaded to social media shows 9 members of the LAPD brutalizing then shooting a homeless man in front of a mob of witnesses.

The incident occurred around noon today.  In the video, officers are seen surrounding the man.  During the confrontation, an officer drops his nightstick and a woman picks it up only to be tazered, tackled, and cuffed.

Officers piled on top of the still unidentified man, while a shout of the “get out of jail free” phrase “He’s got a gun!” can be heard over the chaos.  5 shots ring out through the heat, pollution, and fear of the LA streets.  This man is yet another name to add to the list of 181 people Killed by Police after 2 months in 2015.

Image Credit: Daniel Mayer

Image Credit: Daniel Mayer

I have spent the last several months being exposed to videos such as this, on a daily basis, through the Facebook pages of Cop Block and Filming Cops.  These sites were created by citizens like you and me, to take advantage of the massive interconnectivity that makes our modern society so unique, and to hold police accountable for their abuse of power.  Any person can download a police scanner app, and can take their cell phone out to record these maniacs blatantly disregarding every law ever written.  To learn your rights when filming police activity, read this.

Anyone that feels sick to their stomach when seeing a gang of agressive, unstable, trigger-happy buffoons with below-average intelligence and a video-game-like arsenal of weaponry at their disposal trample on the rights and skulls of the people brainwashed by their hero-worship propaganda that keeps rolling down the corporate media shit trough should take note of this particular instance.

There is an eerie sensation that creeps over me when I watch this video.

This is what civil war would look like in America.

This is the chaos that boils the blacktop streets and digs mass graves.  This is a society on the brink of complete collapse.  This is direction-less rage at the lies, control, war, and greed of our masters.

This is what happens when slaves realize they are slaves.

This is what happens when millions of people are working 2 full time jobs and even with food stamps can’t afford to feed themselves or their children, or pay the rent on the 2 bedroom apartment they share with 3 other people.

This is what happens when doctors poison patients on purpose.

This is what happens when corporations sell the poison to the doctors.  This is what happens when corporations poison the food and water supply.

This is what happens when sociopaths rule the world.  This is what happens when success is defined as having the most cheaply manufactured electronic crap you can shove into the box in which you live.

This is what happens when all of that crap is manufactured by outsourced prison-labor in China.

This is what happens when China, the biggest Communist country on the planet, owns the biggest portion of the Capitalist Motherland’s debt.

This is what happens when a country is obsessed with becoming a reality TV star.  This is what happens when protests are rescheduled because of rain.

This is what happens when the average person can name the last 10 American Idol winners but not the last 5 presidents.

This is what happens when the last 5 presidents all serve 2 terms.  This is what happens when the American public still doesn’t know who killed its President in 1963.  This is what happens when the American public still doesn’t know what happened on September 11.

This is what happens when the education system is ignored and the defense sector is given, quite literally, all the gold of Arabia.  This is what happens when you don’t have to go to the movies to watch cops killing people.  All you have to do is look out your window.

Before it’s bashed in and the flash bang knocks the wind out of you and you wake up in a secret prison the news never told you about.