Retired Pedophile Cop Killed in Prison

January 23, 2014 Michigan Department of Corrections photo of Richard Dyer

January 23, 2014 Michigan Department of Corrections photo of Richard Dyer


Saginaw, Michigan (TFC) – On Monday, February 23, 51-year-old Steven Sandison candidly explained to the Saginaw County Circuit Court why he strangled 66-year-old former cop Theodore Dyer to death in their cell.

“The reason I killed him was because he was a child molester,” Sandison said bluntly in a Saginaw courtroom.  After answering a few procedural questions from his lawyer, Sandison asked for the judge’s permission to recount the story of the night he killed his child-raping cell mate, “That night, he was trying to justify why he did it and I told him to keep quiet and that he’d have to leave in the morning, find a new cell.  But he continued to talk about it, try to justify it.  So, he was a little bit bigger than me, so I got down , and I hit him in his face a few times.  When he fell, I wrapped a cord around his neck and took his life.”

Sandison is already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a murder he committed in 1991.  He will be sentenced for the murder of Theodore Dyer on April 8.

Dyer is a former Muskegon County Airport Police officer who was arrested and convicted of sexually asaulting a 9-year-old girl.  He was only about 1 year into his 25-50 year sentence at Saginaw Correctional Facility when he was murdered.  Dyer was the victim’s neigbor at the time of the assault.

The mother of the victim reacted to the news of Dyer’s murder with mixed emotions.  “I never had any reason to worry about him,” she said when asked about her former neighbor’s murder, “I cried and I laughed.  I think it was a relief for her [my daughter], knowing that this wasn’t going to happen again.”

The victim’s mother says her daughter was at Dyer’s house late one evening when she decided to go check on her.  “I slammed the door open, grabbed her, and went back up to our apartment.  I asked her if what I saw [was what] he was really doing.  She said yes.”  It wasn’t the first time, either.  “She never told me, but she did tell the detective that it was like the third time,” she says of her daughter’s statement to police about the assault.

This is a good example of one of the main reasons why cops don’t end up in prison.  It is not only because America is rapidly descending into a dystopian-police-state nightmare.  It is because all the people these badge-clad bullies have abused, tazered, given false testimony about, cuffed, maced, beaten and completely ruined the lives of would surround them.  How do you think the Gestapo would have fared inside the hungry walls of Auschwitz?  Like a quadrapeligic gladiator competing in the Colosseum, it would not end well.