Palestinians Given False Hope by Obama

Image credit: Peter Souza, White House Photographer

Image credit: Peter Souza, White House Photographer

Washington, DC (TFC) – The public spectacle of President Obama and Israel’s Netanyahu has played out over the last few weeks, and has included all kinds of posturing and tough words. The President of the United States even called for an end to the occupation of Palestine.

President Obama said:

“An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have the right to live in and govern themselves in their own sovereign state.”

For a brief moment, Palestinians believed that maybe their day had finally come. Perhaps the US would stop backing Israel at every opportunity and sheltering the occupiers with the protection of the US “veto umbrella.” Less than a week later, the US boycotted the UN Human Rights Council session on Palestine that was going to look into Israeli violations during the last bombing campaign. Just like every other example of President Obama taking the lead internationally, it was perfectly planned and tough words were spoken. However, the second any form of action had to taken, the President’s leadership abilities crumbled.

The fact of the matter is that if the US wanted Israel out of Palestine, all it would have to do is stop paying for the occupation. The US provides Israel with $8.5 million per day. That $8.5 million isn’t earmarked for schools or humanitarian aid. It’s military aid. The US pays for the occupation of Palestine. It pays for the bombings. If the empty suits in DC wanted Israel out of Palestine, Israel would be out tomorrow.

This is nothing more than the President attempting to create an election issue. During Israel’s summer bombing campaign, it became very clear that the US population is split over the Palestinian issue. The Christian conservatives side with Israel, while the younger generation sides with Palestine. Since the Democratic and Republican parties are in agreement on everything but immigration reform and healthcare, a foreign policy issue needs to be created. In the arena of foreign policy there is nothing for candidates to debate. Both parties have demonstrated for the last 16 years that the plan is to wage a continuous war while sacrificing America’s sons and daughters for corporate profits.

Now the politicians can debate Israel and Palestine as if they were cheering for sports teams. The “us” and “them” division is complete and people will be distracted by talking points rather than questioning why both parties are willing to send US troops to die for the sake of corporate sponsors. It gives the American citizen the illusion of there being some difference between the two parties.

Partisans are quick to point out all of the issues Democrats and Pepublicans argue over: gay marriage, abortion, voting rights, gun control, and so on. Do they debate any issues that aren’t settled by the courts? All of the issues that the parties argue over are settled by the court system, not by the legislative process. This method allows the candidates to say whatever they wish and never be held to account because the courts ruled against them. It wasn’t their fault. It was those “damned activist judges.”

The various business regulations have nothing to do with the party beliefs either. Those bills are all about paying back the corporations for the campaign contributions. Find out which industry benefits from specific legislation and check the campaign contributions. The party that introduced the legislation was paid off by the industry that benefits.

This may be one of the most important Presidential elections in history. The US cannot stand another 4 years of the policies of Bush and Obama. It is time for every American to attempt to see through the political posturing and distractions that are used to keep them uniformed about the real issues.