#OpDDD: Alleged Response from Sabu Causes Waves

Some lines are meant to be crossed. Informing on your friends isn't one of them.

Some lines are meant to be crossed. Informing on your friends isn’t one of them.

Author’s Note: I wrote this after reading the response purported to come from Sabu. These are my beliefs about what is happening. Nothing in this should be construed as sanctioned, approved, or representative of Anonymous or those running #OpDDD.

Washington, DC (TFC) – The person that sold out numerous Anonymous affiliated activists to federal authorities has reportedly openly responded to the operation launched to punish The Daily Dot for hosting a movie review penned by the rat. The operation includes a boycott of The Daily Dot and their advertisers. The Daily Dot has issued a mild response to the uproar.

The response, hosted on Chronicle.su, is republished in full with appropriate commentary below:

“I rose to power in Anonymous using a few simple tricks to manipulate and exploit people around me, and I see those same tricks being used against me by the new Hive Leaders. You shouldn’t trust anyone who influences people in Anonymous, and here’s why.”

“I rose to power” the snitch begins. He really is a legend in his own mind. It’s an egocentric theme we’ll see repeated through the entire response. After all of this time, Sabu still hasn’t figured out that Anonymous doesn’t have leaders. Sure, there are people of influence within the movement and they can be heavy handed at times when attempting to gain the support of other Anons, but there are no leaders.

“I was a dangerous person, a criminal and heroin dealer, but then I got turned onto hacking and carding culture and I’d always been good with computers. Carding was so much better than dealing with the gun play on the heroin scene, and I’d long been used to constant fear of arrest. At least my life wasn’t on the line and I could take care of my family.”

It’s doubtful that much of this is accurate, it’s more than likely just an attempt to further the bad boy image this rat is attempting to cast. It’s fairly obvious he is only dangerous to people who think he is their friend. He can’t even keep the story straight through the paragraph. He was in constant fear of arrest and gun play for this part of his life, but then he says his life wasn’t on the line. It should be noted that all of the people Sabu threw under the bus had families, too.

“It isn’t hard to appeal to people, and I gathered all the valuable intelligence I could from top players. When the FBI showed up to collect, it was the greatest relief of my life.”

Nobody doubts that he was excited to see the FBI.  We can all tell that by how quickly he began turning his friends over to the feds.

“By working Anonymous like I did, I cut so many of my risks, carded more easily than ever, and found the fame and leverage to get away from crime once and for all. Now I’m an expert and the media pays me big money to appear and tell my story because it is a great version of the American Dream.”

Yes, you succeeded in manipulating idealistic people who thought you were their friend. That’s definitely something to be proud of. It will definitely give your kids something to look up to. You’re not an expert at anything other than cowardice. The media doesn’t pay you big money. The American Dream is that of an immigrant coming to the country and working hard and succeeding. You didn’t work for anything. You simply sold out and dropped to your knees as the federal government lowered its zipper.

“Now Anonymous wants to silence me and they think they can threaten anyone who posts my stories, but they can’t. This is America and people care about freedom of speech, and any idiot can see through their transparent and unfunny threats. They called it #OpDDD, a reference to Guy Fieri’s show and an attempt to shame my body. Shame on Anonymous. I was stupid to ever think Anonymous could be a force for good in the world.”

This is possibly the best paragraph in the statement. Yes, Sabu, a collection of the largest Free Speech activists in the world dropped their beliefs to censor your pathetic little movie reviews. Nobody is trying to censor the content of your speech. This operation has less to do with you than you would probably like to think. This is about sending a message to the world:

“Stand with us, and we will stand with you. Betray us, and become an enemy.”

Like the people you sold out, you are being made an example of.

Let’s also remember that the First Amendment was designed to protect the people from the government, not the other way around. The last time anyone was able to confirm, Sabu was a government representative.

I’m sorry if getting called fat hurt your feelings. How do you think Hammond and the others felt when your ilk cracked jokes about the sexual assault that occurs in prison? Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this because I don’t want you to try to eat the screen. While body shaming is a serious issue and most of Anonymous would rise to defend a person subjected to it, you aren’t a person anymore. Your feelings are irrelevant. Nothing is off limits when it comes to making an example of someone who betrayed so many. That being said, I don’t think “DDD” is a reference to your cup size. For one, it’s too small.  For another, contrary to your beliefs, not everything is about you.

“And don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the Idea, but it seems like someone always has to rise to power and ruin it. I was that guy, but I’m not any different than anyone else, and in fact Anonymous is the best thing that ever happened to me. I just worry about the people in charge now, and what they may be working towards.”

You have already displayed to the world exactly how far you’re willing to go for your beliefs, so peddle that line somewhere else. Anonymous may be the best thing that has ever happened to you, but it’s pretty clear you are one of the worst things to happen to Anonymous. I’m not sure why you are curious about what Anonymous is currently working towards. I mean, you’ve already walked free. You won’t get anything for handing the information over to the feds.

You’ve indicated that you are done with crime, but we’ve heard rumors of you attempting to launch cyber attacks against those that criticize you. That’s not really fair. I mean you’re a pretty big target. I personally hope the rumors are true. An outlet going dark for a day or two would be worth seeing you in prison. Hector, I’m sure you know what your kind of cooperation will get you inside. Don’t worry, we’ll take up a collection to put some money on your books so you can buy some Kool-Aid to make some lipstick. It shouldn’t be that hard for you; you’re accustomed to switching teams.

Some of your defenders have pointed out that you aren’t the only person to sell out. Well, why don’t you give up their names? You’re good at that.


Editor’s note: The views expressed here are those of Justin King and not necessarily those of The Fifth Column.