Ohio Reps introduce bill to provide cops loophole for killing children

Image Source: Beercha

Image Source: Beercha

Columbus, Ohio (TFC) – Ohio cops have killed several people, including children, because they were holding toy guns. Ohio is an “open carry” state and, even if people were armed with real weapons, there would still be no legal justification to kill them. Instead of addressing the problem of trigger-happy cops in the state, the House of Representatives have introduced a bill designed to make toy-carrying kids criminals in the eyes of the law, and therefore provide justification for killing them.

The first attempt at the “Kill Ohio’s Kids” law was introduced by Alicia Reece, who had the nerve to attempt to call it “John Crawford’s Law.” John Crawford was a college student who picked up a bb gun in Wal-Mart and then was promptly gunned down by Officer Sean Williams of the Beavercreek Police. Williams murdered Crawford and walked free because he uttered something along the lines of the magical phrase “I was in fear for my life.” At no point did Crawford make any threatening gesture with the rifle and the whole incident was captured on video. Less than two seconds after spotting Crawford, Williams opened fire on the man who was talking on his phone while facing the other direction and killed him.

Tamir Rice was a child playing with a toy gun at a playground. A similar scenario played out where cops rolled up and shot the child for no good reason. Videos of both incidents are available online.

The problem that law enforcement faced in both incidents was that the victims had committed no crime. The state legislature is coming to the rescue and introducing a bill that would criminalize having toy guns in public. Now when cops gun down a child or innocent shopper, they can state they were in violation of a law. The poorly written statute does not clearly define what a “projectile” is, and therefore NERF guns might be banned under the statute. It also says that an imitation firearm “regardless of color” cannot be displayed in public. Your child’s bright orange six shooter is now all the justification that cops need to put a bullet through his tiny little heart.

The statute bans the public display of

“(A) “BB device” means any instrument that expels a projectile, such as a BB or a pellet, through the force of air pressure, gas pressure, or spring action, including any airsoft gun and any spot marker or paintball gun.

(B) “Imitation firearm” means any BB device, replica of a firearm, or other device that is so substantially similar in overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm, regardless of the color of the BB device, replica, or other device.”

It’s a crime in any public space to include your own front yard.

Ohio residents have nobody to blame but themselves. When it wasn’t their child that was murdered, few cared. Those that sought to bring the officers responsible to justice were ridiculed by the media and passersby for being “anti-cop.” Let’s hope those same protesters show up when it’s your kid laying in your front yard with half of his head missing. Ohio residents had their chance, but they were swayed by an apologist media, now it’s their children that will pay price. The state legislature is clearly attempting to provide a legal framework for cops to kill other kids. They might as well rake some tax money in and make cops purchase licenses since they declared it open season on children.