Ohio Cops on Killing Spree; State House Busy Picking an Official Rock Song

USA - OHIO - Cleveland police" by Dickelbers

USA – OHIO – Cleveland police” by Dickelbers

Columbus, Ohio (TFC) – Ohio residents can rest easy tonight knowing that the State House has tackled the pressing issue of which rock song is the official rock song of their state. They might be awake worrying about whether or not their child will be gunned down by cops, while unarmed, in the state though.

If Ohio residents were asked what the state’s official rock song is, they can now proudly answer. If they were asked the name of the unarmed person the cops shot, they’ll have trouble though. It won’t be because they don’t care, it will be because it happens so frequently that they won’t be sure which person you’re talking about. Do you mean the guy minding his own business in Wal-Mart, or the 12-year-old that is now the subject of a smear campaign by the city of Cleveland? Maybe you mean the 14-month-old and his 26-year-old mom? Maybe it was Brandon Robinson from a few years ago? The 2012 case where cops pumped 137 rounds into a car killing two people who were both unarmed? Or maybe it’s another newer case?

However, the state legislature is too busy dealing with important issues like a rock song to address this. The worst part is that the song was already designated as the official rock song about thirty years ago, but it wasn’t truly codified in law, so the state felt it necessary to waste more tax dollars on a second legislative procedure. The vote was 82-13.

I tend to ignore racial issues unless they are absolutely pertinent to the story. I feel it should be pointed out that all of the victims mentioned above were black.

Ohio’s super cool rock song of choice was “Hang on Sloopy,” if you care.