Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli Whistleblower, Announces Fundraiser

Jerusalem, Israel (TFC): Mr. Mordechai Vanuna has a new fundraiser out in order to raise funds for a charge against Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper.

Vanuna is the whistleblower that blew the cover on the Israeli Nuclear Project in 1986, that was conducted in partial secrecy for decades. They had been running their nuclear program since the sixties, but it wasn’t until two decades later that there was an open voice talking about it. Why is this an issue? Israel is one of four countries that never signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, which means they are willing to use nuclear weapons in conventional warfare. Israel, according to Vanuna, has been using the Dimona plant as a focal point of its nuclear program. This plant has been shown through CIA documents to be a nuclear weapons production facility.

He was tricked by Mossad agents and sent back to Israel to stand trial for blowing the whistle on the illegal nuclear weapons project, and subsequently given a secret trial.

Mr. Mordechai Vanuna spent 18 years in prison and was given restrictions by the Israeli Government that he could neither leave Israel, nor speak to anyone outside of Israel, nor even keep anything secret from the Israeli Government. These restrictions are recognized by the UN as illegal. He has been, and is, a part of many lawsuits, which include a libel suit that he does not currently have the ability to pay for. He has to pay 10,000 dollars to Yediot Aharonot, a major Israeli newspaper in Israel, and he needs everyone’s help worldwide.

To help him, go to this link and donate if you can. Visit his website as well to learn more. Also, the BBC has a documentary on his story.

For those who cannot donate, please put pressure on Israel to stop their nuclear program, whether that’d be by protest, boycott, or anything else that can be done.

Source: Eileen Fleming