Manpower Settles Lawsuit, Awards $8.75M

San Francisco, CA (TFC) – A class action lawsuit involving an estimated 20,000 Californians has been settled out of court by Manpower Group Inc. (MPW:GR) in the amount of $8,750,000.

The suit is based on allegations brought forth by plaintiff Vera Wilner that:

  1. Between the dates of March 17, 2011 through January 20, 2012 Manpower issued wage statements that omitted certain information required by California Labor Code section 226 to be on paycheck stubs. The class included those that received their wage statements by U.S. mail, payment card, or electronic transfer.
  2. Were issued paychecks later than the requirement by Labor Code section 201.3.

Manpower Group Inc. is an international non-governmental employment service. Their chief services include: Temporary staffing, payroll service, contracting service, and the training and testing of potential temporary or permanent employees. If you are a California resident and have received paycheck stubs from Manpower for any labor related services between the times indicated above you’re being urged to call (888) 428-6630. Each individual included in the suit is estimated to receive an average amount of $288.21 from the claim. The expiration to submit a claim is April 13, 2015


Click… Notice of Settlement for all the pertinent information.

Additionally, here’s a link to the timeline for this case.

While this is the only lawsuit I could find against this corporation, it is not the only criticism Manpower is receiving for business practices this year. Tech companies are always looking to cut costs. Manpower, IBM, and Infosys are all under a microscope for trying to outsource temporary tech jobs that many candidates here in the States would be qualified for. Bright Future Jobs is calling for a professional labor boycott on these corporations. They allege that Manpower is posting want ads for Indian nationals a full year before a temp position is available here in the States. These job requisitions even offer a H1B Visa for entry in some cases. Simultaneously, Manpower is allegedly not posting any ad in the US looking for qualified candidates that could be you or your neighbor.

A corporation that cannot be bothered to print necessary information on pay stubs or pay its employees on time, and then throws $8.75 million at that problem is quite obviously trying to pay for this to just go away. Even more aggravating are the allegations that this same corporation is doing their best to outsource jobs that could stimulate the American economy.

By James Job