Gen Y: America’s Last Generation

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin

Cell phones, laptops, tablets, bluetooth devices, smart TVs, Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat, FaceTime, remote car starters, cars that park themselves, and millions of smart phone applications that make everyday life a walk in the park. Almost everyone has access to some or all of what is listed above; high technology and instant access at your finger tips. With the many advancements made since the new millennium, common sense alone would tell you that we are nearing a “golden age” in human existence, in terms of recent achievements in the tech sector. However, the truth is that the future is grim, and here is why.

In America, society has degenerated to levels akin to ancient Greece and Rome during their fall. A heavy police state with draconian laws has emerged, and nobody seems to care. The baby boomers are reaching retirement age, and just wish to ignore reality so they can collect their miniscule social security checks, and the nonproductive working class just wants to punch in, and punch out so as to collect a paycheck. High school students, as they always have, are being groomed to enter society as obedient workers and are taught that their masters will always take care of them. College students take on huge, predatory loans, that are nearly impossible to pay back, and once they graduate 4-6 years behind on work experience, they find themselves with a degree as worthless as tits on a bull.

The new age of television targets younger and younger audiences, with plots seemingly fitting only for adults, with blatant propaganda teaching our younger generation that promiscuity, infidelity, adultery, and being alone is the new “thing.” They are taught that having a family is old school, and twist the true meaning of independence and individuality to fit an agenda. The agenda? — Dumb down the younger generation, or “millennials,” and promote and impose mass learned helplessness and a somewhat subconscious Stockholm Syndrome.

Education has become a thing of the past, as repetition and memory dominate the outcome of success for students in grade and high school. Common Core math is becoming universal, and students are not being told how to think, but what to think.

Image Source: "Miley Cyrus performing in Vancouver 2014 (cropped) 02" by Rob Sinclair

Image Source: “Miley Cyrus performing in Vancouver 2014 (cropped) 02” by Rob Sinclair

The music industry since at least the 1960’s, has slowly transitioned into a quasi state-run industry, where influence comes from think tanks and societal planners who direct mass consciousness from behind the scenes. Over the past 10 years, radio music has become universally negative. The songs that play on every popular radio station, all seem to promote drug use, infidelity, “going dumb,” and most importantly, immorality. Music has a profound impact on the subconscious mind, and in a collective capacity, can literally influence an entire civilization.

The technology age, as I like to call it, has blessed society with a whole new means of making life faster, and easier, which could be good and bad. However, a side effect of the world at your fingertips is largely unnoticed.

For example, social media has caused a transitional evolution of men and women that has occurred without notice. Cell phones are now a sort of biophysical extension of the human brain, where an alternate universe exists. Human interaction has become impersonal, your business is known to the world, and your boyfriend and/or girlfriend is easily replaced due to the instant accessibility to a “new” person. Relationships can now completely form without ever having to meet anyone, and as an example, Facebooks messenger app acts as a sort of virtual storage of potential partners. What would have taken weeks or months a decade ago, can now happen in just days due to constant communication through texting, emailing, and messaging. Again, this could be good and bad.

The current up and coming teenage – young adult working class has become completely removed from any mechanical skills. The days of hands on skills and common sense are over, as fathers today either don’t have time to teach their sons how to fix a motor, build a structurally sound shelf, or otherwise be a man, or simply do not care to. For these reasons, Google has become the father of sons of millennials. You no longer have to think for yourself, or problem solve, because the answer to your next question is always 1.2 seconds away with 80 million matching search results.

When combined, and we examine the several examples given, we can see that the future of [America] looks grim as a free society. We have become completely disconnected from reality, and the majority of people age 18-30 still live at home with their parents, and can’t even begin to care about the world they are a part of helping destroy. When empires fall they degenerate and become full of decadence and depravity, and this is what we are experiencing right now in the United States. We have to quickly open our eyes and get back in touch with our humanity, both physically and emotionally, before we become America’s last generation.