Cop Whines to FOX News Because of Black History Month Show

Martin Luther King, Jr with Malcom X

Martin Luther King, Jr with Malcom X

Washington, DC (TFC) – A Deputy Sheriff is upset because he had to address the issue of cops killing unarmed people with his daughter after a school put on a performance that talked about the rash of unarmed people being killed in the US.

A cop who wasn’t even present for the performance went on Fox News to whine to the pro-police state network because the Black History Month event discussed “controversial” ideas such as the fact that black lives matter.

An officer of the law finds the idea that black lives matter controversial and wonders why the rest of America thinks there is a problem with law enforcement. There’s an entire segment of the US population that is begging American cops to simply stop killing them, and the Deputy doesn’t want to listen and doesn’t want his daughter to hear it.

He was upset because his daughter questioned his integrity and asked why cops killed black people. The Deputy, who didn’t provide his last name, should thank the teachers that brought his daughter into the national debate over police brutality and corruption. Everybody questions his integrity, not just his daughter. He did not disclose what his answer to his daughter was. I’d be interested to hear why cops kill unarmed black people so often, too.

He and his wife want an apology from the school and a promise that it will never happen again. That apology and promise have not been given because the school superintendant is smart enough to understand that if Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old gunned down by cops in Ohio while playing in a park, understood the dangers of dealing with a cop he might have survived his encounter. It’s unlikely he would have lived though; the cop took less than a couple of seconds to decide to execute the unarmed child.

If this program was put together well enough to make a child question her own father, it should be in every school in this country every year. Think about how many lives could be saved by the program. If children were aware that cops will kill them for no reason other than their own cowardice, they at least stand a fighting chance when confronted by someone who believes their life having worth is “controversial.” Even if it saves just one life, it’s worth it. Isn’t that what cops say when they roll out some new lethal device to terrorize the population with? But that brings us to the whole point of the matter: according to law enforcement black lives don’t matter, white lives don’t matter, red lives don’t matter, yellow lives don’t matter, and brown lives don’t matter. Only blue lives matter. If using no-knock raids that kill scores of innocent people each year saves one blue life, it’s worth it. If a shoot first and ask questions later policy kills a 12-year-old kid, it’s worth it because maybe one day that policy will save a blue life. This is the reality of the thinking displayed by most of our nation’s law enforcement. This is also why they are now being randomly targeted.

Instead of crying to Fox News like the bully that finally got punched in the nose, why not speak out about police brutality and police corruption? Officers need to speak out and make the change before they end up watching the department they worked for kill an unarmed family member, as happened to William Lawrence in Utah. Being part of the thin blue line only protects you; other cops will kill your kids just as soon as they will anyone else.

Fox Nation’s Todd Starnes produced a piece that stated the deputy documented the whole event. He didn’t.  He also stated:

“In the spirit of academic achievement, I’ve decided to suggest a few readings for next year’s program:




Allow me to respond point by point. You’re too stupid to even know what your own buzz words mean. This performance was anything but politically correct. You’re just upset because this time, instead of it being some nameless minority that got offended, it was one of your own. If you think it’s exhausting hearing black Americans complain about police shooting unarmed people, imagine how exhausting it is for them to have to dodge the bullets.

This isn’t a case of somebody claiming to be passed over for a promotion because of their race with no evidence. This is a case of an unarmed man being killed by a department with “rampant racism” according to the Department of Justice. The race card is pretty applicable here. Tamir Rice, John Crawford III, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown (there are dozens more, but those are probably the only names you’re familiar with) had three things in common: they were unarmed, they were killed by a cop who was afraid of his own shadow, and they were black. Again, race might possibly have been an issue here. White people are killed while unarmed by cops as well, but it happens less frequently and the whites also have some things in common: they are mentally ill or mentally disabled or they’re homeless. Those are three more demographics your outlet marginalizes at every opportunity.

This is an obvious reference to Mike Brown. What about Tamir Rice? What about John Crawford? Both were shot and killed while breaking no law whatsoever. Neither was given a chance to put their hands up. More importantly, this is the United States. People have due process. Fox is supposed to be a conservative network that appeals to those who love the Constitution. You don’t get to pick which parts you want to have apply to certain people. We don’t live in an “obey or die” society. As the idiots on your network are so fond of saying: That’s in our Constitution. Don’t like it? Leave.

Children should certainly know that cops are not their friends, that they will kill them or molest them at rates higher than just about anybody else, and that they should never trust them. I don’t have a cool little catch phrase like the pundits on your “news” network. So to the school district, I’ll just say “Bravo!”