Baby Wrapped in Flag Causes ‘Patriots’ to Abandon Constitution

Image Source: Vanessa Hicks Photography

Image Source: Vanessa Hicks Photography

Virginia Beach, Virginia (TFC) – In a wonderful case of blind obedience to government and statism run amok, a group of people so concerned with a perceived disrespect to a piece of cloth bullied a photographer who took a photo of a baby wrapped in an American flag with inferences that she hates America, is unpatriotic, and hates veterans.

The photo was taken for a Navy servicemember. The photographer is a veteran herself.

The Facebook page You Call Yourself a Photographer? is like many photography pages on Facebook. It’s populated mainly by people who are extremely critical of other’s work, but rarely, if ever, post any of their own photos for public review.

Those that frequented this page attacked the photographer via private messages and spammed her page.

Since then, the page has posted other examples of the obviously disrespectful act of wrapping a baby in a magic piece of fabric. Under one of the photos, the photographer and apparent legal expert that runs the page stated:

“A fan sent this in to us and we’d love to know your thoughts.

No military affiliation. Just a woman holding a baby in a flag. Don’t comment unless you KNOW the entirety of the flag code. Take the ignorance elsewhere.

Still not disrespectful?

**If you feel the need to comment with anything other than to answer the question, you will be deleted and banned. We don’t want to have to weed through irrelevant comments to see how people feel about THIS image.**”

The photo is of a woman in civilian clothes holding a baby cradled in the American Flag. There is nothing to suggest she is in the military. There is also nothing to suggest she isn’t. There is nothing to suggest the photo wasn’t taken for the kid’s father who happened to be in Iraq.

Since the person that runs the page is obviously a complete expert on the US Flag Code, he or she would probably know the most important thing about it: it’s voluntary. Nothing in the US Flag code is binding on any US citizen. It’s guidance. In fact every binding piece of federal legislation about the care of the flag has been found unconstitutional. So we come to the crux of the matter. People have become so hung up on showing that they are patriotic Americans that they have forgotten what it means to be an American. They are willing to chastise someone for exercising their Constitutional rights.

When a person’s belief in a symbol becomes more important than the person’s belief in the things that symbol is supposed to represent, that person has completely lost their way. The person that runs the page posted a story about how their son was laid to rest after dying for the things the flag represents. Their son didn’t die for a meaningless flag code. Their son died for the things that flag stands for, the freedoms that are supposed to be enshrined by our Constitution. In other words, their son died for the photographer’s right to take this image.

At the time of writing, the page published a series of photos of men and women in uniform cradling their children in the American flag. Apparently the page is upset that the little smear campaign has had the opposite of the desired effect: the photographer has been flooded with requests for the same photo to be taken of other servicemember’s children. Now the page has taken to stating that the photographer stole the pose from someone else.