Anonymous is asking you to boycott these brands #OpDDD

Free Jeremy Hammond

Free Jeremy Hammond

In response to The Daily Dot providing Hector “Sabu the snitch” Monsegur with a writing position, Anonymous has launched #OpDDD (Destroy Daily Dot). The operation asks that all Anons and sympathizers unlike and unfollow the Daily Dot. It also requests that Anons immediately begin boycotting the following brands:

American Apparel
Drink Advisor
Best Buy
Deep Eddy Vodka
Federated Media

These brands are listed on the Daily Dot’s media page and appear to be advertisers.

Anonymous released a statement that says, in part:

“Anonymous does not attack media nor does it censor it, however there are various ways to hold those who build their media empires and careers on the backs of movements, actions, and individuals accountable. #OpDDD / Operation Destroy Daily Dot is a boycott action, given that Daily Dot was given its credibility, celebrity, and wealth on the back of Anonymous and our operations, we seek to destroy it in the same manner it rose.”

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