5 Reasons to Carry a Skateboard everywhere

Fresno, CA (TFC) – Do you know how to skateboard? I don’t mean riding in backyard pools, or grinding down a 30 stair handrail but, can you ride down the street on a skateboard? Do you ever attend protests, strikes, and are you eager for change? If you answered yes to either of these questions this information is for you! Here are five great reasons to bring your board with you.

"Banksy NOLA SimpsonsA" by Infrogmation of New Orleans - Flickr: BanksyNOLASimpsonsA. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Banksy_NOLA_SimpsonsA.jpg#/media/File:Banksy_NOLA_SimpsonsA.jpg

“Banksy NOLA SimpsonsA” by Infrogmation of New Orleans – Flickr: BanksyNOLASimpsonsA.

Need to move around, but have the least bulky transport possible?

Look no further than a trusty skateboard for transportation when you need it. Lightweight, easy to carry, affordable, and durable, all you need is concrete or blacktop. Most protests are held in the city and make this really smart to include in your belongings. Things tend to get hectic in a solidarity situation. Tensions rise, people start getting agitated, riots are not out of the question, police brutality is not out of the question. It’s almost like being in a constant state of fight or flight mode. Having the ability to hop on four wheels, and in one fell swoop have you 20 feet away from any concern is beneficial. Especially in places where roads are being blocked. Remember, you can skate almost anywhere you can walk.

Having a shield during those times when things fly.

Whether you’re in a seriously riotous protest, or simply caught in a bad hail storm. A skateboard is like a shield when wielded correctly. Rather than grab the board itself and risk your fingers getting pinched, the trucks underneath structuralize the entire thing and act just as handles. You can raise it to protect your face from debris, pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas cans or really anything.

Moving something really heavy?

I don’t think I can stress enough in only a few hundred words how durable these things are. There are skateboards built that literally have the integrity to withstand the weight of an entire vehicle. If you have a heavy bag with you, you can pile these things onto your skateboard and roll them along with you. In certain instances I’ve had friends get injured and they could not walk back to a vehicle. Rather than call an ambulance for a twisted ankle, I set my friend on my skateboard to roll them back to my vehicle to be taken for help. Literally anything heavy like barricades, furniture, or even humans can be easily transported like being on a mini piano dolly.

Better camera angles for photographers.

A skateboard can get you up to 6 inches higher off the ground. I’ve met a few photographers that appreciate this type of height advantage. Also, for panoramic filming, or live streaming when on the move, being on a rolling skateboard makes for smoother film, and we all know smoother film is easier on the viewer.

Learning balance, both mentally and physically.

Anyone that has already tried to skate down the road knows… It isn’t exactly easy at first. Hitting a rock will seem like the most painful thing you’ve ever put yourself through. Learning to balance on a board is heavily beneficial exercise for the body, and the mind. Once you’ve mastered just a couple tricks, it’s literally a whole new fever, or at least that was my experience. This humbling practice has been the catalyst for so much camaraderie and networking in my life, that I encourage anyone that has the capability to try it as soon as you get the opportunity.

So there it is, 5 reasons to try it out, and carry one around. A disclaimer must be made here: Skateboarding is extreme, so always use caution when doing anything extreme. Feel free to add ‘hippie’ comments about me below.