4chan accidently gets man date with 1727 women by mocking him

Sean out dancing and generally being awesome.  Image Source: Twitter

Sean out dancing and generally being awesome.
Image Source: Twitter

Los Angeles, CA (TFC) – 4chan has a reputation as the shady back room of the internet. If it’s something that can’t be unseen, it can probably be found there. A couple of channers mocked an overweight man dancing and posted pics of the incident. Normally being trolled by 4chan ends in tears, but not this time.

A screenshot of the post from 4chan wound up in the hands of some pretty special ladies who launched an international search to find the man. Those ladies invited him to a dance party in Los Angeles. He has accepted and there’s even a fundraiser to make sure he parties in style. It raised about $1000 dollars in the time it took to write this.

Guys out there are probably rolling their eyes at making the assumption that the type of women that would do this were either desperate or dogs. Maybe they’re hotties that are just tired of body shaming. Could that be possible?

Cassandra... Sorry 4chan.  Image Source: Twitter

Cassandra… Sorry 4chan.
Image Source: Twitter

It’s not like two of the women involved would be anything like the exquisite Hope Leigh or the always fashionable Cassandra Fairbanks. Right? Wrong. They are just the tip of the spear. There’s another 1725 women behind this that are all equally as beautiful. In case you’re not familiar with Cassandra or Hope, Cassandra is the edgy and somewhat foul mouthed journalist that tends to end up in handcuffs a lot and Hope is the absolutely stunning musician. Both have reportedly spoken out against body shaming of all types. These ladies are the pinnacle of beauty by current norms and obviously believe those norms are worthless. They’re putting their dance moves where their mouths are.

The many faces of Hope Leigh. Image Source: Twitter

The many faces of Hope Leigh.
Image Source: Twitter

Perhaps the funniest part about the whole thing beyond the complete backfire of the post is that Sean seems to have the kind of life that many would kill for. The first photo they found of him was taken in London, and now he’s off to Kiev for a couple of weeks.

The question obviously becomes if women can completely drop the idea of what society says is beautiful when it comes to men, why can’t men do it for women? More importantly, why can’t women let go of the idea when it comes to judging ourselves?


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