Vaccinations: The War isn’t About Science

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Dan Johnson (The Pontiac Tribune)  – Vaccinations have become the new political buzzword. The underground discussion on their use has been raging for decades, but since Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’s interview on CNBC where he argued they should be voluntary, the debate has reached full-on ranting from news anchors and personalities on both sides of the issue.

Make no mistake, the debate is a healthy one to have. It has been many years since vaccination proponents have had to defend and explain the reasons why vaccinations protect the individual and the general public, and a refresher is certainly needed. But the debate has gone outside of whether or not vaccinations are safe, healthy, or effective.

It has instead become the next level of feardom used to pull the strings of the uninformed. It, instead of a debate on science, is now a war on medical freedom.


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Ever since 1991, the idea of armed terrorists lurking around each and every corner was extremely effective as a method to control the American populace. As this constant fear forces people to act irrationally, this new “war on terror” was used for nearly three decades to control a formerly free society. By the middle of the War on Terror’s 3rd decade, however, the strategy is proving more and more ineffective.

As Americans started to catch on to the idea that wars are fought over natural resources, and terrorism is as much of a threat at home as falling furniture, politicians needed to take it to a whole new level: infectious disease.

Fear, at its core, is simply based on a lack of knowledge. We fear what we do not understand, but once we understand it, we no longer have that same fear. Terrorism played on that fear…but it was limited. “Terrorists” are human. That means they can be countered. They can be killed. They can be persuaded. They can be detected and prevented by even the average person with the right training.

Infectious diseases are not the same. Without specialized equipment or testing, we cannot detect them. We cannot “see” most of them with our five senses. The vast majority of Americans do not understand them. The threats of contagions, in the right hands, can be a key to power.

They are now being used to gain that power.

Starting with things like the swine flu scare of 2009, the E.Coli outbreak of 2010, and more recently, Ebola, governmental leaders have signed in new laws, new powers, new restrictions, passed in the same name of the same safety as the “War on terror” that the USA PATRIOT Act, NDAA indefinite detention powers, and several dozen wars grew out of. President Obama even commissioned new law enforcement powers for the CDC, as if somehow these new government powers will have any positive effect on a medical problem.

Much like after 9-11, when people opposing the Bush administration and the Invasion of Iraq were called “terrorist sympathizers,” the dinosaur media in America has a new term for those who choose what not to put into their own, and their children’s, bodies. Anti-Vaxxers.

Make no mistake. It is no longer a debate about vaccinations, which have largely been extremely effective. It is now a war on medical freedom, a desperate power grab for America’s politicians as the War on Drugs, and it’s money supply, slowly fades into the distance. And as we have seen with America’s previous wars, because the fearmongers like a USA Today columnist who argued for jailing parents who choose not to vaccinate care little about the lives of children in this country, they will sacrifice public heath to maintain their slowly slipping grip on power.

It is the new war on personal freedom, and there are only two ending cut-scenes if America follows their lead.

In both cases, politicians took advantage of a society who only understood part of the problem. The issue in both cases, was not the ideology. It was not the product. Though the ideology and product are both dangerous, as avoiding most vaccinations has proven to be, neither the idea of violent, militant action, or the backroom cocaine deals, had any prevalence before a war was launched on their followers and users. It was the fact that they would be prosecuted for their beliefs and actions that gave them support.

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For example, in the United States, wearing Nazi-themed gear is odd and in most cases racist, but not illegal. Many people will see someone with the ideology and simply shake their heads. But in many countries in Europe, wearing Nazi gear or flying Nazi flags is a prosecuted crime. In response, huge movements sporting Nazi propaganda such as the Ukrainian Right Sector, have taken power and command the attention of hundreds of thousands.

It was that force, that illegality, that took ideas from their infancy to global movements. It was the naive idea that you can simply control people with a flick of your fingers that forced millions to live under oppressive empires. It is that idea that has lived on in every war America’s corrupt political class has decided to wage on an unsuspecting public.

After Sen. Paul made his remarks on CNBC, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted #vaccineswork, but her and her compatriots are arguing something else. The new level of debate was ignited by a U.S. Senator claiming vaccines should be voluntary, and those on the other side are arguing for the use of deadly force if parents do not comply. They are arguing that the public should grant them more power to force Americans to put something into their children’s bodies.

They are arguing that Americans accept the same strategy that heralded the War on Drugs. The same strategy that heralded the War on Terror. The same strategy that grants liars and thieves power, while killing and burdening average Americans.

They argue that this strategy will not have the same effect as those wars it has previously been used in. That is an argument that, in the end, defies the very logic they claim to represent.

While parents and families who choose not to vaccinate are hardly identifying with a violent ideology, the effects of a war on those parents are terrifying. We have the choice, right now, to determine whether we will allow the war on medical freedom to continue…or stop it in its tracks…before infectious diseases stop us in ours.

Let’s make the right choice.


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