US to Begin Exporting War Drones

Predator drone landing. Incidentally, the other aircraft's design was stolen and copied by the Soviets. Image: DOD

Predator drone landing. Incidentally, the other aircraft’s design was stolen and copied by the Soviets. Image: DOD

Washington, DC – The United States will begin exporting armed drones to unidentified nations. The Obama administration approved the exportation of remote controlled death, but the US State Department promises that the transfers will be tightly controlled.

In the statement tailored to make the exports of sensitive military technology seem like a good idea, the State Dept. said:

“The United States’ new UAS [Unmanned Aerial Systems] export policy establishes the standards by which the United States will assess, on a case-by-case basis under the U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, potential exports of military UASs, including armed systems. The new export policy puts in place stringent conditions on the sale or transfer of military UAS.”

The US doesn’t have a great track record of keeping military secrets from falling into the hands of opposition militaries. Just in the field of aviation there are tons of examples of sensitive US technology falling into the hands of the opposition.

The F-35 is an aircraft that is expected to cost $1.5 trillion (Yes, trillion. That is not a typo). The US has spent billions already in the development of it and it really hasn’t been able to get the aircraft operational. Maybe the DOD should just ask the Russians or the Chinese how to get the aircraft mission ready. Both nations were able to copy the design already. In Russia the aircraft is known as the PAK-FA, and in China it is called the J-31.

F-35 copies and clones. Image credits: 天剣2 (Top Left), Rulexip (Top Right), DOD (Bottom Right)

F-35 copies and clones. Image credits: 天剣2 (Top Left), Rulexip (Top Right), DOD (Bottom Right)

It isn’t a new phenomenon. The Soviets reverse engineered a B-29 in the 1940s and created their own version. They stole the Harrier VTOL aircraft. America’s top secret U-2 spy plane suffered the same fate. They even stole the design for the space shuttle.

Aside from the practical implications of making the technology more accessible to potential enemies, exporting a weapon that limits the risk to a nation’s soldiers only increases the possibility of war. President Obama’s own use of the drones easily demonstrates that. His drone program has killed more people than the Spanish Inquisition (really, click the link). Like the Spanish Inquisition, most of the victims were innocent.

These weapon systems will fall into the wrong hands and nations that do not currently pose a threat will be presented with the opportunity to strike the US mainland as a result. Nations that possess a chemical or nuclear weapons program often lack the delivery system to place a warhead in the United States. The US is apparently more than willing to place the technology to do that into the open market.

Those that have turned a blind eye to the mounting civilian death toll related to the President’s drone war, may receive a firsthand glimpse of the hell that the US has been dropping from the sky all over the world for the last ten years.