Ukraine Ceasefire Ignored, Kiev-Regime Loses Debaltseve

Image Credit: STRC Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting

Image Credit: STRC Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting

Debaltseve, Ukraine (TFC) – Last week, the US backed Kiev-Regime suffered a demoralizing defeat from the Pro-Russian Separatists of East Ukraine in Debaltseve. Disregarding the ceasefire agreement made by Russian President Vladamir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, Separatists surrounded the strategic rail and road junction with direct routes to the Pro-Russian separatist territory.  

This has been a key point of capture for the Kiev-Regime.  President Poroshenko called for an evacuation of over 80% of the troops stationed in Debaltseve. Neo-Nazi leader of the Kiev-Regime, Petro Poroshenko, gave a propagandized account of the attack on television saying,

“Debaltseve was under our control.  It was never encircled.  Our troops and formations have left in an organized and planned manner.  [We have] laid shame on Russia, which called on the Ukrainian troops yesterday to lay down arms, raise the white flag and surrender.”

Despite Poroshenko’s claims, Russian Channel One aired footage of victorious Separatists raising the Flag of Novorssiya (New Russia) atop a Ukrainian high rise.  Poroshenko has also been inconsistent in the reporting of casualties and captured troops.  Last Wednesday, he claimed only 6 soldiers had died and 100 were missing.  The following day his total was revised to 13 killed, 157 wounded, 90 captured, and at least 82 missing. It is estimated that 5,000 to 8,000 Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in Debaltseve.  

On Thursday of last week, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader, Alexander Zakharchenko, gave a statement regarding the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces casualties.  He said,

“We have completed an operation to clear Debaltseve.  Unfortunately, Ukrainian authorities have failed to listen to reason and lay down arms. The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the [Debaltseve] pocket are estimated at around 3,000 to 3,500.”  

He added,

“The amount of equipment Ukrainian units have lost here is beyond description.  We have taken loads of ammunition both in Debaltseve and Uglegorsk.”  

If his estimate is correct, this would be a devastating blow to the Kiev-Regime’s already depleted amounts of troops and resources. Gerald Celente of Trends Journal told Russia Today that Ukraine is fighting a “…war they cannot afford to fight.”  

“That $160 billion loss of trade with Russia has destroyed the economy, when it was already in a severe recession.  It went from very bad to worse than depression levels.”

Image Credit: Podrobytsi (Details) News Programming

Image Credit: Podrobytsi (Details) News Programming

Ukrainian troops refused to comply with the DPR’s offer of being allowed to retreat unharmed if they surrendered their weapons.  Artillery and machine gun rounds followed them as they fled on foot.  An armored fleet of vehicles came under artillery fire and was abandoned along with the dead and wounded during the skirmish. Reports from the New York Times, Associated Press, and Guardian paint a picture of disoriented, starved, dehydrated and drunken soldiers arriving in Artemivsk following the retreat.  

The New York Times recounts,

“Gunshots rang out on the central square, as many soldiers began drinking heavily. On soldier stood, swaying, on the sidewalk mumbling to himself. Others, who had escaped from Debaltseve after weeks of shelling were seizing taxicabs without payment. It was not clear that all of them had been given places to sleep, and one group stood silently, shivering on a street outside Hotel Ukraine.

At Biblios, and upscale restaurant, soldiers tramped about the dining room, ordering brandy that they could not afford, then firing shots into the ceiling as the paying guests quietly fled the premises.”

Confusion has been a theme of the Ukraine Crisis.  The soldiers themselves are also confused as to why they evacuated Debaltseve. “I don’t know. Our commanders didn’t tell us whether it’s retreat or just rotation. They just told us to change our positions.”

Image Credit: Podrobytsi (Details) News Programming

Image Credit: Podrobytsi (Details) News Programming

A Ukrainian soldier remarked. In the wake of this attack, the Republican Congress is pushing harder than ever for arming the Neo-Nazi Kiev-Regime.  Despite consistent warnings from Chancellor Merkel to the contrary, Senators John Mccain and Lindsey Graham released a joint statement last week supporting the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter’s, proposal to provide weapons to Ukraine.  He relayed the boiler-plate rationale that US-sponsored Neo-Nazi’s need weapons to “defend themselves.”  John Mccain conveyed his opinion eleoquently by saying, “Blankets don’t do well against Russian tanks.”

President Obama has stuck to his methodology of remaining virtually silent and undecided about the issue until someone else makes the decision for him and he can agree with it and pretend it was his opinion from the beginning.  During a recent White House news conference with Chancellor Merkel, Obama said that providing weapons to Ukraine is a possibility, but not a certainty.

“Can we be certain that any lethal aid that we provide Ukraine is used properly, doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, does not lead to over-aggressive actions that can’t be sustained by the Ukrainians?  What kinds of reactions does it prompt, not simply from the Separatists but from the Russians?”

What laughable presidential words.  When you’re asking yourself if it is right to give Nazis weapons you are in dereliction of Justice from the outset.  What kind of reaction do you think the Russian Sanctions Bill and Ukraine Freedom Support Act will prompt from Russia?  What is the endgame of all this?  Is Ukraine just another square on the chess board?  Are the citizens just fodder for another mass grave?  In any case, 2 ceasefires have been declared, breached, and ignored in less than 6 months in Ukraine.  I cannot tell you objectively if the situation is improving.  I doubt anyone else could either.