The Fifth Column Official Valentine’s/Launch Day Message

We write the first draft of history.

We write the first draft of history.

Today was supposed to be the official launch of The Fifth Column. Due to our marketing genius being a little too effective with the teaser campaign, we were forced to launch five days ago. The interest in and support for The Fifth Column has been overwhelming.

So what has happened in the last five days?

The Fifth Column has brought you meaningful coverage of the Koch Brothers’ connections to the Keystone Pipeline.

We have exposed a glaring hole in the American narrative of the US torture program.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve provided breaking coverage of the Chapel Hill shooting.

Our coverage has been truly global; featuring datelines from Pyongyang, Gaza, Havana, Minsk, N’Jamena, Nairobi, and even the more exotic location of Birmingham, Alabama.

We’ve explained the importance of the Silk Road trial.

We’ve named our first “Celebrity Worth A Damn

Journalists Justin King and Alex Freeman have explained “Why we write.”

Our Viewpoints section has been filled with article after article expressing unique and differing opinions in the hope of stimulating public debate.

The Brush Pass has provided readers with quick facts and news at a glance.

The support we’ve received from the hundreds of thousands of people our content has reached has been overwhelming. We’ve averaged 500 new likes per day on our Facebook page and 1000 new followers per day on our Twitter account.

On behalf of all of the staff of The Fifth Column, I would like to express our deepest thanks for your support in this news outlet. We will continue to earn it.