Observer Prodding Prompts US to Start Coordinating with Kurds

Image Credit: TUBS

Image Credit: TUBS

HASAKA, SYRIA (TFC) – Joint airstrikes coordinated by the United States and Kurdish fighters striking Islamic State insurgents have bolstered a Kurdish offensive in the province of Hasaka and allowed the Kurds to cut Islamic State supply lines from Syria into Iraq.

The US has constantly snubbed Kurds in Iraq and Syria out of fear of legitimizing their claim to an independent nation. That independent nation would not necessarily have to honor contracts signed by US corporations with the Iraqi puppet regime installed by the United States after the 2003 war.

This new development comes as outcry for support of Kurdish fighters became deafening after news outlets began running article after article showing the lack of support for a supposed ally in the war against the Islamic State. The Fifth Column participated in this campaign with a series of articles displaying the West’s habit of putting business interests over the interests of the soldiers fighting the war.

Omar Sheikhmous, leader of a Kurdish militia in Syria, described the action as an “important development.” He went on to say:

“It means that the PYD [the political wing representing Sheikhmous’ militia] has reached an understanding with the US about cooperation.”

The cooperation was a complete success. The US forces concentrated their airstrikes on Islamic State positions outside of Kobani that kept IS forces there from assisting their comrades in Tal Hamis, which was being attacked by Kurdish forces. The Kurds overran the IS forces and effectively severed the Islamic State’s supply lines between Syria and Iraq. The Kurds also killed 132 Islamic State insurgents in the process. The Kurds have lost 7 of their own.

If the United States extends this policy into Iraq and supports the Kurd (Peshmerga) fighters there, it is probable that IS forces will be placed on a completely defensive footing. It is possible for the United States to undo some of the damage caused by installing its puppet government in Iraq and forcing the country to stay under old borders.

There are reports of civilian casualties in relation to the airstikes. More information will be released as it becomes available.