Obama falsely claims to have eased embargo against Cuba

Image:  Agência Brasil

Image: Agência Brasil

Washington, DC – The Administration touted easing sanctions against Cuba this week, and the US media obediently carried the story. The embargo will continue on almost every possible export. The only thing the President’s move did is allow wealthy elites to vacation in the country.

The Central Intelligence Agency states that Cuba’s main exports are:

“petroleum, nickel, medical products, sugar, tobacco, fish, citrus, coffee”

None of the above commodities are eligible for importation into the United States according to the statement put out by the State Department. Even the island nation’s classic cars are banned. Of more interest to Fifth Column readers: cigars and rum will still be banned.

This move has nothing to do with helping the Cuban people or the American consumer. This is all about helping to craft the exiting President’s legacy.