Harper Regime makes good on promise to make Canada unrecognizable

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Ottawa, Ontario (TFC) – The Harper Regime will be making good on its promise to make Canada unrecognizable if it has it’s way with the recently proposed ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’ formally known as Bill C-51.

Dennis Bevington (MP Northwest Territories, NDP) echoes this exact sentiment in his 10 minute comment on the bill.

Peggy Nash (MP Parkdale-High Park, NDP) raises some of the concerns that a wide range of innocent law abiding citizens and activists could be branded as Terrorists by this legislation, I’ll transcribe the relevant section of her comment as well as post the video.

“The criticisms of this bill are, of course, many. Let me try to highlight just a few of them. There’s been a lot of concern about how sweeping this law is, how vague and probably how ineffective it is.


There is serious concern because of the vagueness and the overreach of this legislation that those who are in fact engaged in legitimate lawful dissent, or in some cases, maybe there are people who are pushing the limit a bit, that those people would also be ‘scooped up’ under this bill”

The insinuation here is that legitimate protest and dissent, that runs afoul of so much as a municipal bylaw would in effect fulfill the definition of Terrorism under Bill C-51 and warrant a response as such. Such responses seem only to be limited to ‘anything that does not constitute bodily harm or sexual abuse‘ — Quite literally that text appears in the bill. CSIS is explicitly forbidden from those actions against individuals whom have not been charged with any crime and have not in fact committed any crime. Anything less than death or sexual abuse however? The text of the bill is worded in such a manner that it appears as if anything else is ‘fair game’.

Lisa Filipps, A spokeswoman for Public Safety Canada has stated “I can tell you that Canada does not engage in, or condone the use of torture.” You’ll have to excuse my skepticism but …

In light of this grave threat to Canada, An Open-Letter signed by a chorus of Supreme Court Justices, Ministers of Justice, Solicitors General of Canada and a number of former Prime Ministers was released on Feb. 19th

A petition has also been started at LeadNow which has garnered 45,711 out of it’s 50,000 signature goal at the time of writing. Click the image above to Tweet to MP Kramp.

OpenMedia has their own petition with a greater focus on the underlying assault on our privacy and charter rights, I previously reported on that campaign here

The Criminal Conservative Syndicate (Conservative Party of Canada), perhaps sensing the growing blowback to their attempts to destroy Canada, have allowed some more time for debate on the bill.

Even with a modest extension on the time allowed for debate, Canada, It’s Charter, It’s Freedoms and it’s Citizens are still in grave danger from the Harper Regime. Speak up now. Speak loudly. Sign the petition, Tweet the Committee Chair. Share this article and the materials within.

Nigel Todman is an Independent Journalist, Technical Consultant, Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. Add him to Facebook and/or Follow him on Twitter E-mail: nigel [at] naaij [dot] org [PGP]