Ex-Mossad Boss Admits Israel has US Protection Against Sanctions

Image Credit: "Signe de l'ONU, Genève" by mpd01605

Image Credit: “Signe de l’ONU, Genève” by mpd01605

Tel Aviv, Israel (TFC) – Meir Dagan, former boss of one of the most respected intelligence agencies in the world, inadvertently admitted that Israel would face international sanctions for its behavior if not for the US “veto umbrella.” He was in the midst of a speech condemning Prime Minister Netanyahu’s behavior in the US.

Ever since Dagan left the Mossad, he has been publicly condemning Netanyahu’s behavior because the former spy believes it is endangering Israel’s security. In his most recent speech, he raised American eyebrows by openly admitting that the only reason Israel is not facing international sanctions for its behavior is the US veto power during United Nations proceedings.

Dagan doesn’t believe Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress is beneficial to Israel:

“An Israeli prime minister who clashes with the US administration has to ask himself what the risks are. On the matter of settlements, there is no difference between the two parties. And even so, they provide us with a veto umbrella. In a situation of a confrontation, this umbrella is liable to vanish, and within a short time, Israel could find itself facing international sanctions.”



Dagan is correct. In the last quarter of a century, the United States has used its veto power on the UN Security Council 15 times. Every single use stopped a resolution that would have hurt Israel. Going back even further there are only a handful of instances when the veto power was used for something that didn’t pertain to Israel.

Dagan and other former members of Israel’s spy agency and commando units are calling for Netanyahu to be replaced.