Ending the US War in Iraq in Five Easy Steps

Image Credit: DOD  by Lance Cpl. James F. Cline III

Image Credit: DOD by Lance Cpl. James F. Cline III

Baghdad, Iraq (TFC) – Due to politicians in Washington, DC pursuing the interests of defense contractors over the interests of the nation and its soldiers, the war in Iraq is now unwinnable. Salvaging what can be salvaged is the only moral option for the United States at this point.

Admit the war is now unwinnable. The execution and the policies of the initial war in Iraq created the vacuum in which foreign fighters flocked to the country to assist the insurgency. The Iraqi people are weary of the American presence and the US is not welcome. Continuing the policies of occupation, drone strikes, torture, and the acceptance of heavy collateral damage will only feed the recruitment efforts of the burgeoning Islamic State.

Admit the United States had no justification for war. Iraq played no part in the September 11th attacks. Iraq did not have an ongoing nuclear program. Iraq did not have an ongoing chemical weapons program. The United States invaded a country and triggered the deaths of 500,000 people with no justification.

Admit that preserving the current borders and government of Iraq are untenable. Iraq’s borders were proclaimed by men that knew little of the area or the people contained inside those lines on the map. The modern borders were drawn up by the League of Nations (a forerunner to the United Nations) in 1920. The puppet government installed by the United States has failed, as evidenced by the current situation. The only area of the country that seems to be running well is the Kurdish sector, which is self-governing for all purposes and has nothing to do with the puppet government.

Support the establishment of new borders based on ethnic demographics. Withdraw support for the puppet regime in Baghdad, and support the inevitable nations that will declare independence. Iraq will most likely split into three nations: Kurdistan (Kurdish), Iraq (Shia), and Jaziranistan (Sunni). Other ethnic minorities may attempt their own nations. The Mandian Sabians in the area around Basra might be able to create and hold a fourth nation. In all likelihood, though, they would be overrun and absorbed into a Shia-controlled nation. Most of the other ethnic minorities like the Assyrians, Turkomen, and Armenians live within what would be Kurdistan and would most likely be allowed to live in peace. There has also been a large influx of Iranians along the Iraqi border that might wish to claim that territory for Iran.

Support the new nations that choose, without the application of force, to align with US interests. Some of these new nations would choose to ally themselves with the United States without coercion or force. Those nations should be supported with foreign aid, military training, advice, and logistics.

Throughout the Bosnian conflict people clung to the hope of a reunited Yugoslavia. This reluctance to accept a breakup of a nation contributed to the genocide that occurred there. Eventually, the breakup did occur and the international community was able to force a peace that worked. This same type of resolution could cause a lasting peace in Iraq after a relatively short period of upheaval. This plan would be violently opposed by those in the US government because all of the contracts that large corporations signed with the current puppet government would be void. This war continues for the sake of the bottom lines of the US corporations that pushed the Iraq war, attempted to push a war in Syria, and that will continue to allow men and women to die for the sake of profits. Your current elected representatives are allowing this to happen so that the campaign contributions continue to flow.