CWAD: Kristin Davis Fights For Elephants Amid New “Sex and the City” Rumors

February 8, 2015

Tsavo, Kenya – Last month, rumors began to circulate that HBO’s hit series “Sex and the City” was coming back. Almost all of the show’s cast have dropped hints about the possibility. Kristin Davis is possibly best known as “Charlotte York,” the wealthy aristocrat from the series. Kristin’s real life seems much different.

She’s more likely to be found in a remote region of Africa than on Park Avenue. This month she blogged for National Geographic’s A Voice For Elephants. She recounted a story from a few years ago when she happened upon the aftermath of a poaching incident in Tsavo National Park, Kenya. The elephant had been snared and left to starve and dehydrate until he was weak enough for the poachers to saw off his tusks (along with most of his face). The tusks are insanely valuable on the black market. Kristin has talked about this incident several times. It’s obvious the horror of the scene has stuck with her. She always mentions a nearby campfire where the poachers had sat around drinking coffee while waiting, and watching the elephant creep closer to death.

Photo: Facebook

Kristin in Kenya. Photo: Facebook

Kristin’s year began with another trip to Kenya. This year, the trip was less gruesome. She was able to help as members of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust spotted a wounded elephant, dispatched veterinary assistance, tranquilized the injured animal, and treated the elephant’s life threatening abscess. The rotting flesh on the elephant was caused by a poison-tipped arrow.

Kristin’s good deeds don’t end with the typical Hollywood PR shots. In 2011, she was in Africa with Oxfam (a coalition of organizations committed to fighting poverty) when she received word of refugees leaving Somalia and heading into Kenya. Kristin diverted her trip and visited the Dadaab refugee camp.

She recently produced a film to raise awareness about elephant poaching. She supported #CycleForSurvival earlier this month to raise money for the Sloan Kettering cancer center. Her Facebook page isn’t a typical Hollywood star’s page either. If you scroll through her posts over the last year, you’ll only find three related to her career. There are no photos of lavish parties, but there is post after post related to activism of all kinds.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Kristin’s commitment to the world beyond Hollywood makes her the Fifth Column’s first Celebrity Worth A Damn (CWAD).