Behind Fashion Week 2015

"Carolina Herrera AW14 12" by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK"

“Carolina Herrera AW14 12″ by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK”

New York, NY – Fashion week kicked off in the Big Apple and there were stars, glitz, and glam. The events bring in just under $900 million to the city. We are treated to articles about the fashion industry celebrating celebs and patting themselves on the back for finally having a semblance of diversity on the runway. It’s important to remember what happens to the clothes before they get to the runway.

Three fashion bloggers recently found out and it’s the subject of a new documentary. They were forced to live on the budget of a Cambodian sweatshop worker. In this twelve-minute trailer, a glimpse of the horror is provided.


Here’s a list of 23 brands caught in sweatshop scandals.