Anonymous Affiliated Band Headed to International Megaconcert (But needs your help)

The Siren

The Siren

Hollywood, CA – Activist band “The Siren” stands to head off to Barcelona, Spain for an international battle of the bands where a message of rebellion will be heard by more than 60,000.

The Siren has been deeply involved in the activist community. The band performed at the United We Stand festival and the P.A.N.D.A. tour. The Siren has been so successful that its activism efforts have led to spots on Breaking the Set and Infowars.

The subject matter of the songs touches on everything from global surveillance to general tyranny. This subject matter will be heard live by 60,000 people if the band wins a Hard Rock sponsored contest. The winner is determined by viewer votes. Currently, The Siren is in third place out of more than 550 entries. This is an opportunity to raise awareness in the mainstream about the global situation. The Siren’s bid has earned an endorsement from the Solutions Institute. You can vote here and help raise the profile of the movement by supporting The Siren. Voting closes on Monday.


We asked The Siren about the name of the band and its affiliation with Anonymous:

“The meaning behind the name ‘The Siren’ is a representation of the sirens heard during the time of a global apocalypse. We are headed there. It is written in the stars. We can prevent this if we come together as humans of earth and focus everything into the development of magnetic free energy systems, interstellar travel, and resource based society capable of abundance and sustainability. Whether we are individuals or a collective consciousness, we must focus on science and move away from politics all together. It is outdated. Science proven on facts for humanity, earth, and all living creatures should be our form of government. We will reach this new evolution of humanity or we will mostly perish. If you are an activist in the digital world, utilizing technology to help the world or enlighten fellow humans, then you are part of Anonymous. It is more than hackers. That is only one side of the tetrahedron. There are no leaders. Everyone that is part of this is an equal part. YOU Justin, are a part of this collaboration. YOU are anonymous. I am anonymous. We use technology to wake people up. Some of us hack. Some of us do underground news. Some of us use audio or video technology to help. We the people are seen as “not equal” by our authoritarian rulers and their henchmen with badges. Well I wear my not equal symbol proud because it shows them that I know how they view me. They order their zombie warriors around nations like hitler did with the nazis. Like caesar did with the romans. Imperialistic conquering while creating false enemies to fight and killing millions.”



The long-term goals of The Siren are admirable:

“My main goal is to make enough capital within the music industry to be able to 1: open a wolf sanctuary, 2: tour troubled nations with a water filter campaign where I deliver massive amounts of personal water filters while performing music for them and hopefully inspire other big artists to change the way they tour and help people as they go along. 3: create and give out for free, magnetic energy amps to power your homes with and a step by step [guide] how to make them. This technology has existed for some time now and is being suppressed. It’s time someone starts creating them and installing them all over and kickstart this transition into a free energy society.”