100 Articles of Infiltration


Celebrating our 100th article.

Washington, DC (TFC) – Less than two weeks ago, The Fifth Column officially launched and brought a new level of adversarial journalism to its readers. In that short period of time, we have already hit some major milestones. Today, we celebrate our 100th article.

The major milestones and goals for an outlet like ours are what one would expect: landing an explosive interview, creating major policy changes through critical analysis, having a single article read by more than 100,000 people, having articles republished by older outlets, providing in depth coverage of an overlooked topic, publishing an article that differs widely from the accepted narrative provided by the government, and having journalists associated with the outlet stand their ground in opposition to authorities.

With your help, The Fifth Column managed to achieve all of this in just two short weeks.

The Fifth Column’s recent coverage of the Homan Square facility in Chicago was read by more than 100,000 people in just 36 hours.

Alex Freeman interviewed Congressman Alan Grayson who went on the record about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the ownership of the Republican party by the Koch brothers.

Carey Wedler took the Obama administration to task over its extremist positions regarding the US War on Terror, while Ben Morris exposed the hypocrisy of the President’s expanded drug war.

Virgil Vaduva stood his ground against the Xenia, Ohio police department in response to their enforcement of a law that prohibits panhandling. In state-sponsored media becoming part of the story is taboo; at The Fifth Column sometimes it’s a necessity.

Justin King ran a series of articles on the US abandonment of the Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria who are fighting the Islamic State. This policy was then discussed in old media outlets. The policy has now been reversed and the Kurds are receiving air support from the US.

CK Golden took readers deep into the Ukrainian conflict with a series of articles about the who, what, when, where, and why of the war.

Almost all of the articles above and many more were sourced, cited, syndicated, or flat out stolen by other outlets.

We’ve also been very happy to allow a platform for journalists and readers alike to express their personal opinions on the things that matter most. Commentary from Fifth Column contributors has included Bobby Rodrigo giving lessons about the US Constitution, Jorden Berry discussing Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people, while James Job questioned the validity of the Salvation Army’s thrift store model.

The most important thing to us is that we seem to have resonated. We have over 100,000 regular readers. That’s a huge number for an outlet in its infancy. It’s plain to see that the time has come for an outlet like ours.

What’s next for The Fifth Column?

We will continue on our mission to spark public debate, and with your help we will accomplish it. We will be able to bridge the gap between those people that are still relying on controlled sources of media and the decentralized media outlets that have proven to be so effective at bringing out the truth behind the stories.

We are constantly adding more journalists. We’re expanding faster than we can add names to our masthead. Nigel Todman, Jeremy Harding, and Andrew Pontbriand have recently joined the team. If you’re interested in writing for us, feel free to contact us via the TFC Jobs page.

We would ask all of our readers to follow us on their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing or retweeting our articles is the most effective method you can help us to keep up our current rate of growth.

The infiltration of the media has started.