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Americans fail to condemn terrorist attacks

While the world reels from another attack in London, it overlooks attacks elsewhere. Pundits on western TV, who are unknowingly collaborating with Islamic State forces, are asking where “the good Muslims” are, who they feel should be condemning the attack in London. There is no question about the location of the “good Americans” who should be condemning airstrikes on civilian targets in Syria.

Yesterday, the US-led coalition was blamed for an airstrike on a school sheltering 50 refugee families. 33 people have been confirmed killed, and an untold number are still missing and suspected to be in the rubble. These victims were comprised of men, women, and children who were attempting to stay out of the fight. They were noncombatants by any definition of the word.

Trump reneges on 30 day ISIS plan promise


(TFC) – During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made defeating ISIS a centerpiece of his foreign policy. Trump has long assured us that he has a very real — and very good — plan to defeat the Islamic State, but always…

Pakistan Launches Anti-Terror Operation Across Country


Pakistan (Sputnik) – The Pakistani authorities announced a countrywide counterterrorism operation with the participation of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces. The Pakistani authorities announced on Wednesday a countrywide counterterrorism operation with the participation of law enforcement agencies as well as the armed forces, Pakistani…