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¿Por qué Venezuela?

(ALAINET) – ¿Por qué a Albert Rivera, a Rafael Antonio Hernando, a la jerarquía del PSOE y al conjunto de los medios de difusión masiva de España les preocupa tanto Venezuela? ¿Por qué no les preocupan los líderes sociales, campesinos, indígenas,…

With New Wage Increase, Venezuela Braces for Worsening Inflation, Layoffs

President Nicolás Maduro Raises Minimum Wage 50 Percent

Venezuela’s national minimum wage was raised 50 percent this week, but experts warned President Nicolás Maduro the increase could result in closures to small businesses.

During a national radio and television broadcast, the president said the minimum wage will be set at VEF $22,076 (US $2,218) monthly, while the food bonus will be VEF $42,480 (US $4,269).

Maduro has bragged in the past about the 14 increases in minimum wage made over the last three years, but fails to address that the country faces the highest inflation in the world.

Spanish Marxist Professor Alfredo Serrano Is the Man Behind Venezuela’s Economic Mess


Maduro Places Confidence in a Spanish Marxist Professor He Calls ‘the Jesus Christ of the Economy

The main culprits of the most radical measures taken by the Venezuelan government come from Spanish politician Alfredo Serrano Mancilla, according to Spanish Adviser to President Nicolás Maduro Deputy Carlos Valero.

Valero told the newspaper ABC in Spain that Serrano “is the author of the latest and most radical economic measures undertaken by the Chavistas, who have only managed to impoverish the country.”

Venezuela: Maduro Promotes General Accused of Drug Trafficking in US to Minister

Major General Nestor Luis Reverol, who was in charge of the National Anti-Drug Organization (ONA) in Venezuela, is officially a fugitive from US justice, according to New York’s Eastern District Federal Court in Brooklyn.

Reverol, who was appointed on Tuesday, August 2 as Interior Minister of Justice and Peace by President Nicolás Maduro, has been charged by the United States with crimes related to his participation in drug trafficking.

Times of Pests: A First-Hand Account of Venezuela Today

The official propaganda dissolves into the harsh reality: the rich get richer, the poor stay poor, but they face ever longer queues.

The situation in Venezuela defies the classic concept of crisis. Among other reasons, because a very different kind of society – maybe better, maybe worse – is expected to emerge. In any case, a profound mutation, possibly a transcendental one, is under way.

“We have developed here a complex revolutionary process, where a terribly corrupt and a-political clique has ended up taking power. A cave-dwelling gang who has robbed the Venezuelan working class ten times the value of their work. If anyone in the world has been able to carry out such an outrage, he should come out and say it.” This has been written recently by Roland Denis, philosopher, social activist and deputy minister in the early governments of Hugo Chávez (Aporrea, 19.05.16).