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Tradecraft: How spies are made

(TFC) – Espionage is a game as old as recorded history. It’s played by governments, corporations, paramilitary organizations, individuals, and even religious entities. But what does the process of creating a spy look like? How does it really work? It’s…

Tradecraft: Phone Security 201

Activists today have access to technology that many could not even dream of not long ago.

Though many of the issues that plague our society are not new, the ability to record and publicize them easily in near real time is simply amazing. Most of us carry around a mobile computing device in our pocket that is capable of great feats, however this is merely the base upon which to build your toolkit.

The plethora of applications freely available for your use allow you to greatly expand your capability and reach beyond your personal social network, so it is important that you understand some of these tools and how they can help you in whatever fight you choose to undertake, whether it is against the abuse of State agents, a move toward justice for the oppressed, or whatever your calling may be. The first step in fully utilizing your mobile computing device, or “smart phone”, is some basic security measures. I recommend that you read and implement the simple measures introduced in the article “Tradecraft: Phone Security 101”.