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  1. July 8, 2015 at 12:49 pm

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    Health Care Professionals Protest Flu Shot
    What does this tell you?
    BUILD YOUR OWN IMMUNIZING TOOL BOX (while it’s still legal)
    Raw Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, & Onions boost resources, immune system, and sweeps out cholesterol. A bowl of good quality chili does a body good
    MEDITATION & Sleeping regulates the immune system. Sleeping is nature’s way of defragmenting & processing data & shuts down “background programs” freeing up resources so that you should wake up with a pristine system.
    Get in the sun! A moving target is harder to hit. Your body will produce vitamin D which is now recognized as a top immunity builder. Bring a clear plastic, or glass, jug of water with you and throw in some tea bags. Sweeten it with anti viral strawberry, elderberry, xylitol, honey, propolis, or mannitol (Notice I don’t mention sugar)
    Cleaning not only gives bugs the impression they are not welcome but it is also good exercise in burning up calories & cholesterol. My biology professor always said, “It’s not the soap. The best disinfectant is friction.”
    Use xylitol as face, tooth, nasal, and general body wash! Xylitol is used the same way as honey as anti ulcerative & anti infective
    Shitake & maitake are great in spaghetti sauce. Toss raw scraps in yard.
    Hot cocoa, /w cayenne, gives a rich, aged, flavor to chili & spaghetti sauce.
    Coconut Oil & Bay Leaf contain monolaurin immune support
    Madras Curry has an antiinfective blend of tumeric, coriander, fenugreek, cardamom, ginger, garlic, mustard & cayenne
    Broad spectrum probiotic products like Kefir, Greek Yogurt
    Andrographis, C, lysine, Zinc, B, olive leaf, oregano oil, strawberry, apple, raw hemp, elderberry, & cats claw
    Tryptophan (in chicken soup) promotes immune & mood boosting sleep
    Hemp, and silver, should be the basis of a new economy AND it can buy you a healthy immune system. (SEE: & & & CDMAG.US/hemp.html ).
    OK… so a bad bug got through… run the following.
    Echinacea, Silver, Elderberry, Oscillococcinum, Mega dose vitamin C. Ask your local vendor to stock Elderberry beverages & Colloidal silver. NO GMO’S!
    – joe morales 13820 @ p. 1
    I WAS A LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER, but I ended up enlisting as Navy Corpsman because I could always save lives. I was the “go-to” guy for shots and it was always a rush to see big hulks faint and go face down on the deck. I don’t remember anyone ever reading the literature but wielding the syringe gave me a perverse sense of power. NOW I JUST LOVE TO FIGHT to protect the Constitution and your right to make informed decisions because every child has their own built in constitution to keep them healthy. After spending sufficient time with my “pharma-demon”, I joined my Mom, & Sister, in war protests. The war was wrong, and illegal, just like the ones we are fighting now… especially against our most defenseless. What was it that kept US in Vietnam until we went belly-up? GUILT! DENIAL! JUSTIFICATION! COGNITIVE & MORAL IDIOCY, AND ULTIMATELY… MADNESS. AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR THAT VIOLATES THE 14th AMMENDEMENT, GENEVA CONVENTION, AND NUREMBERG CODE, IS BEING WAGED AGAINST OUR MOST DEFENSELESS (SEE: & ). The good news is that the US found ways to use up all chemicals left over from Vietnam while the US falsely accuses Syria of using the same chemical we dump our children’s drinking water & while parents restrain their own defenseless, trusting, children so white-coats can inject them with a bio-chemical arsenal. As an environmentalist I can’t pull my eyes from this prey-predator dynamics. The herd is provoking a predator kill frenzy by “going along”. Cheney & Rumseld both benefit the “Halliburton Loophole” laws protecting injection technologies from any testing, oversight, or liability. THE ANGLO-AMERICAN AXIS HAS BEEN PUSHING DRUGS SINCE THE OPIUM WARS. The Vietnamese got over our fiasco but will our children ever recover from our war on their little immune systems? Our “enemies” do not hate us for our freedom… they loath our madness… and the rest of the world is moving away with their eyes wide open. THE BLOOD TRAIL BRINGS US TO THE 4/19/93 WACO SIEGE & CHILD SACRIFICES. Ruby Ridge Shooter, Lon Horiuchi’s bullet casings were found at his Waco sniper post proving he was also involved in the Waco “bundled cleanup”. Jeff Little, 31, a computer analyst, living at the Davidian complex had stumbled across Bush-Clinton-drug-cartel-ATF gun/drug running (SEE: & ) that has continued under operations “Wide Reciever” and “Fast and Furious”. U.S. Government has been partnered with drug cartels for years (Big Pharma is just another criminal drug cartel). The ATF weren’t looking for guns. They knew most the Davidian guns were at a gun show and that there was not much hardware left. Little’s body was later found so mutilated they never found all the parts. 3 of 4 ATF agents killed during the Waco siege were Clinton’s estranged bodyguards. Waco, the Big Lie Film footage shows an ATF agent throwing a grenade and machine gunning into the room where the 3 ATF agents had just entered (SEE: & & ). Clinton partner, & Waco Investigator, Vince Foster, was “suicided” 1993 & his Waco file cleaned out by Clinton. Mayor, and Congressman, Sonny (& Cher) Bono was “suicided” immediately after grilling Janet Reno concerning her part in the mass gas holocaust at Waco, Texas (SEE: ). THE WHACKOS THAT GAVE YOU WACO WILL BE GIVING YOU TOMORROW (SEE:

    joe morales 13820 @ p. 2
    “Let the children come to me for the Kingdom of God belongs to such ones”
    THE PHALLIC POWER OF THE SYRINGE OF DEATH & RITUAL CHILD ABUSE. It’s not just religions… Big pharma, & corporations, are conditioning sheeple for satanic BAAL/MOLOCH worship as “Phallic” ‘Play-Doh’ tool draws parents’ laughter (SEE: ). The phallic power of the syringe as the ultimate WMD in bringing the NWO to bear in all our lives is manifest in what we are doing to DEFENSELESS CHILDREN (SEE: & ). See Roe v Wade “Freedom of Choice”: A fetal harvest for forced injections (SEE: ). Dr.Rima E. Laibow: “Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don’t Poison Your Child!” (SEE: & ). A “pharmakós” (Greek: plural “pharmakoi”) in Ancient Greek religion was a ritual sacrifice (SEE: ). Vaccines are worst kind of child abuse. It is ritual child abuse. Mandatory vaccines are an occult pagan phalic religious crusade. Under the ostentatious tie lay a deep & chauvinistic cultural pathos. “The tie is the most obvious kind of a phallic symbol”, says Psychoanalyst George D. Goldman. The flaccid tie phallus can be associated with intellectual impotency (monolithic thinking). Hence, the tie’s location in proximity of the head. Holding it up, as it were. “Tie not dick”, You grunt. So why don’t women wear them? So what do ties, or phalli, have to do with kids? The cult of BAAL/MOLOCH was part of the Canaanite fertility rituals involving phalli. These ceremonies often included child SACRIFICES and temple prostitution (Both finding their way to Rome itself. SEE: ). BAAL/MOLOCH worship involved phallus worship, so it is no surprise that all of Baal’s churches would have phallic steeples. Living children were placed into the BAAL/MOLOCH idol’s hands and were rolled into a fire pit below. This worship occurred in the Hinnom Valley (Gehennah) near Jerusalem where children were sacrificed (II Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 19:6 SEE: ). Parents participated in this practice largely for the sake of social acceptance and access to education-and-the-like. “They may perform on the Sabbath all things that are needful for circumcision: excision, tearing, sucking [the wound]… “. -The Mishnah, Translated by Herbert Danby, Oxford University Press (SEE: ). Paul expresses disgust at the idea that phallic obsession somehow brings one closer to GOD in Galatians 5:1… “For freedom Christ set us free. Therefore, stand firm, and do not let yourselves be confined again in a yoke of slavery.” and, Galatians 5:1… “You were running well. Who hindered you from continuing in the truth?” Where, in the Bible does it say that, “The state of one’s tie, or penis, is the measure of one’s spirituality”? Are uncastrated women not acceptable to God? In Galatians 5:8 Paul says, “This sort of persuasion does not come from the One calling you.” and in Galatians 5:12 frustrated Paul exclaimed… “I wish these men who are trying to stumble you would emasculate themselves”. The story behind the phallic obelisk in St. Peter’s Square is one of tortured martyrs, mutilated genitals, and child sacrifice (SEE: ) brings all religions to kneel before their Pope & his phallus. joe morales 13820 @ p. 3

    14TH AMENDMENT: Section 1. “No State shall make, or enforce, any law which shall abridge the privileges or IMMUNITIES of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.
    The US has the most aggressive mandatory vaccination program autism has risen 80% over the past decade. Double that of all other countries combined. 1 out of every 60 children in the United States has some form of autism disorder. Our schools are reeling with “special needs” children as millions of parents pretend they don’t know why. Most autistic children start out perfectly normal. This discrepancy is reflected in the US which has highest prison population… double that of all other countries combined (SEE: US has highest prison population&ia=geography ). The CDC vaccine scientists who hid links to autism should go to jail (SEE: & ). You may not be interested in what you are doing to your kids but the world IS watching (SEE: banning vaccines ). MEDIA SILENT ON COUNTRIES BANNING IMMUNIZATIONS (SEE: ). MEXICO STOPS VACCINES – 2 Babies Dead, Dozens Hospitalized (SEE: ). MEXICO PASSED A NEW ASYLUM LAW WHICH MAY PROTECT US FAMILIES FROM MANDATORY VACCINES THAT ARE IN VIOLATION OF NUREMBERG & GENEVA CONVENTIONS (SEE: ). HOWEVER: COUNTRIES HARBORING DRUG CARTELS (BIG PHARMA IS, BY FAR, THE BIGGEST) WHICH ARE PROVEN COVERT BRANCHES OF US GOV. SHOULD BE AVOIDED AS YOU COULD BE TARGETED (SEE: ). BEST CHOICE: Americans Thank Latin American Countries for Offering Asylum to Edward Snowden (SEE: ).
    VIABLE BY VACCINATION! The 2009 bioweapon H1N1 attack “flamed out” because it reverted to less virile sub components in the natural environment although reaping billions for vaccine industry (SEE: & ). Not surprisingly, it is linked with the same military contractors involved in child trafficking (SEE: & ) and, of course, Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu (See ). Also see Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease: & ). “There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but its my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and were winning.” Microsoft’s, Bill Gates Admits, Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation (Watch: ). Soylent Green is babies!

    joe morales 13820 @ p. 4
    Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, “THE TRUTH BEHIND THE VACCINE COVER-UP” (SEE: ).
    Dr. Rebecca Carley: “Vaccines Are True Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” ( ).
    Dr. Douglass: “How do we close the tide of terrorism that flows out of health clinics & pediatrician offices around the world?” (SEE: ).
    Dr. Meyer Eisenstein: “We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we’ve taken care of over the years, and I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines,” (SEE: ).
    Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Department of Biostatistics Head for the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, testified in a 1962 U.S. Congressional hearing that there had been a 50% increase in polio cases between 1957 & 1958, & an 80% increase the following year, but that the statistics had been deliberately manipulated by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression (SEE: ).
    Dr. Maurice Hilleman: Merck vaccine scientist admits SV40, AIDS & cancer in vaccines (SEE: & ).
    Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of EMERGING VIRUSES: Aids & Ebola: Accident or Intentional, reviewed Clinton’s Working Group on Influenza Preparedness & stated, “When a long train of abuses, and usurpations, evince a design to reduce our basic rights, our Constitution requires us it is our duty to throw off such despotic power.” (SEE: & &

    Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. “Vaccination is a biological weapon.” (SEE: ).
    Dr. Joseph Mercola: “The pieces of the puzzle start to add up. President Bush sought to cause terror by telling us 2 million people will die from avian flu in the US. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, former Chairman of the manufacturer of Tamiflu (Gilead), is a major shareholder” ( SEE: ).

  2. Brent
    October 30, 2015 at 11:56 am

    Here’s the patent I found that instantly got me nuked/microwaved.
    Please read it over & get it out. It’s obviously the one not meant to be shared.. Not sure how much longer I’ll be around. Working on writing about experiences. Are there other sites you trust to send things too… Really need to get info out in short time.
    Bless you

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