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White Supremacist groups are coming together to fight the “Race War”!

In late April, a meeting occurred that went under the radars of mainstream media. The results of the meeting were ten white supremacy groups signing a pact, with claims several others are not far behind.

The agreement between the groups comes at a time where racial tension is still high in the country, but these white supremacy groups say that they are done with the internal battles that have been prevalent among the different groups.

Many see the various white nationalist groups and consider them to all be one and the same. However, this could not be further from the truth. Their differences can range from significant issues, to what appears to be quite trivial issues from an outsider’s perspective. Nevertheless, these differences have caused there to be internal fighting among the different groups throughout the years. Fighting that will no longer be tolerated, according to the National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep.

Poisoning of the Masses: Flint, Michigan

Its 7 am. Your alarm goes off. You and your husband get the three kids up for school. Everyone showers and sits down to coffee and breakfast then head out the door to begin their day. Sounds like a familiar scenario in most typical American households. One community no longer has the luxury of those typical American mornings. Now let’s take a sneak peek into a morning routine for the average family in Flint Michigan. Mom doesn’t jump out of bed into a steamy hot shower. If she did, it is likely she would break out in rashes. While the masses get faucets, hot water and a loofah she gets a bottle of water with soap and washcloth. She gets out her toothbrush and another bottle of water to brush her teeth. She leaves the bathroom as her husband comes in and repeats a similar routine. The three children, one after the other, have learned the same methods of cleaning themselves and personal hygiene. Downstairs, the coffee pot is filled with bottled water and begins brewing. As breakfast is being cooked on one burner, a pot full of bottled water heats on another. While everyone finishes breakfast and gets the last of their morning belongings ready, the pot of water gets poured into the sink. Mom washes the dishes and one by one uses more bottles of water to rinse each dish then places them in a dish strainer. Kisses and hugs are exchanged and the family walks out the door. This, my friends, is a typical American morning routine for the citizens of Flint Michigan.

Female Draft Eligibility Proves US Disrespects Liberty – Ron Paul

As the US Congress approves a measure that requires women to register with Selective Service, former presidential hopeful Ron Paul points out that, while the move may seem like a vote for gender equality, it actually just makes the entire US population eligible for military draft.

“The amendment is a response to the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat,” Paul writes for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, referring to the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the House Armed Services Committee last week.

Texas Lawmaker Warns of Outer Space Death Pulse

Austin, Don’t say Bob Hall didn’t warn you.

An existential threat hangs over America, the Republican Texas state senator from Edgewood believes. Specifically, electromagnetic pulse attacks — shockwaves of energy from outer space that would fry the nation’s electric grid. He sees food and water shortages starving and parching millions, natural gas line explosions engulfing cityscape in flames. And he wants Texas to be the frontline in preparing for it.

How Archaic US Laws Punish Rape Victims

In reviewing the case of a 17-year-old defendant and a 16-year-old girl who was so intoxicated she was taken to the hospital, Oklahoma’s Court of Criminal Appeals upheld a trial court’s ruling that forcible sodomy cannot occur when a victim is so intoxicated as to be completely unconscious at the time of oral sex. The state criminal code recognizes rape in cases of vaginal or anal penetration under such circumstances. It’s just not recognized when it comes to oral sodomy.

Reducing juvenile crime and dropout rates: field experiments in Chicago

police tape

Studies have long shown that a child’s environment influences—for better or worse—his or her opportunities for success later in life. Children from high-poverty areas generally fare worse across a wide range of measures, from income to health to psychological well-being. Policymakers, meanwhile, grapple with how to craft programs to level the playing field for low-income children and reduce problems such as teen violence and school dropout rates.

NYPD Chief: Police ‘Will Continue to Aggressively Enforce Nuisance Abatement’

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton strongly defended the department’s use of nuisance abatement actions Thursday saying they were a critical law enforcement tool against businesses such as bodegas accused of selling alcohol to minors.

“We have and will continue, and I will emphasize that, we will continue to aggressively enforce nuisance abatement as a cornerstone of our efforts to keep neighborhoods safe,” Bratton said.

Lawmakers to Consider Fetal Tissue Laws

Texas lawmakers will meet Thursday to examine policies on how human fetal tissue can be used for scientific research. It will be the first hearing on the subject since a Harris County grand jury in January indicted two undercover videographers who circulated videos about how fetal tissue was procured at Planned Parenthood clinics.

The issue came under heavy scrutiny from Republican leaders in Texas last year after the videographers, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, accused Planned Parenthood of breaking a federal law that bans the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood has vehemently denied the accusations, which were dismissed by a Houston grand jury. That grand jury instead chose to indict the videographers on charges of tampering with a governmental record.

An Opening for Justice for CIA Torture

The United States government just opened the door a crack to justice for the torture of scores of men in CIA custody under its infamous detention and interrogation program. For the first time, the Justice Department didn’t effectively block a lawsuit by detainees held and tortured by the CIA by invoking, as it had done in previous similar lawsuits, the “state secrets privilege.”