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Entrapment, CSIS, and an RCMP Operation

The conviction of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody being found guilty of a manufactured terror plot by the RCMP was shown in the BC Supreme Courts decision by tossing the prosecution from court. This decision is historic in Canada and in North America; here we see Canada’s Anti-Terror strategy being found guilty, not the suspects.

The common law couple, Nuttall and Korody, is free now after the court ruled that they were entrapped by the RCMP. Justice Catherine Bruce said the police used “trickery” and “subterfuge” to coerce and manipulate Nuttall and Korody, via the RCMP plan, into planting and blowing up pressure cooker bombs at the BC Legislature on Canada Day in 2013.

The highlight of Bruce’s conclusion was this: “… the world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves.”

Meet the Workers Already Left Behind by Donald Trump’s Management Failures

This week, as most of the media’s attention was focused on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, there was a lot of talk about how bad Donald Trump would be for the people of the United States. Among all that talk though there was no mention of the damage he has already done to a whole region of people who depended on some of his businesses for their livelihood.

Donald Trump’s failed casino ventures in Atlantic City have been mentioned a few times by his opponents on the campaign trail, but only as political points in the tit for tat campaign style we are all so used to. What was never discussed was the effect his failures are still having on the former east coast gambling mecca, now a city that has fallen on hard times as new casinos have popped up across the country.

How one lie obtained through torture destroyed the lives of millions

In the United Kingdom, there is a demand for an independent inquiry into British Intelligence’s involvement in the CIA’s torture and rendition program. Despite promises, one has not emerged. The government in the UK does not want to rehash the effects of the program or the the loss of life it caused.

In the days after the September 11th attacks, Americans waived their rights and waved their flags at the same time. If the government wanted a power, the people meekly agreed. They were literally scared stupid. The government was given a blank check to stop the terrorists. The people looked the other way as the government ramped up domestic spying efforts, enacted bizarre vague legislation allowing them to deem just about anyone a “terrorist”, eliminated due process, and began torturing people. What did surrendering their rights gain them? The War on Terrorism has been a complete and utter failure in every respect. What’s worse is that it was the waiving of rights and general sense of humanity that led to the Iraq War.

Cycle of Insurgency: What an insurgency in the US would look like

It’s important to understand the stakes as people cheer on the attacks in Dallas. I’m very critical of law enforcement’s brutality and I can’t bring myself to condemn the shooter wholeheartedly because I can understand the origin of the frustration and anger. At the same time, I’ve seen violence, I’ve helped people fleeing countries in the throws of insurrection, and I’ve witnessed man’s inhumanity. An insurrection in the United States is not something to hope for. We’re closer to it than we’ve been since the Civil War.

Sadly, I don’t know a way out. This attack set a chain of events in motion that placed the nation on a crash course with insurgency. This attack will cause officers to fear for their safety. They will, in turn, be more jumpy and trigger-happy. They will kill more innocents. This will lead to more attacks and the cycle will continue. Eventually, a spark will cause widespread rebellion.

Both police shootings result of poor training and police arrogance – Could have been avoided

Two more Americans are lying in morgues. The nation is once again outraged. While particulars of the cases in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights are still being spun by various media outlets and government officials, one thing is certain: both shootings were completely avoidable. Both shootings included officers who were relying on poor training. Departments will say they don’t have the funding for proper training. This might have been the case a year ago, however on September 9, 2015 The Fifth Column and The Anti-Media offered to pay the fees for instructors to provide better training. While several individual officers who deserve to be applauded sought out the training on their own, neither department involved in either shooting did.

The Fifth Column released an article that provided a tiny glimpse into the offered training. Even though the article only provided a small sampling of the training, it touched on the faulty training that contributed to both shootings. It cited the case of Tamir Rice as an example of why officers need to keep their distance after receiving a report of an armed person. Had the officers in Baton Rouge done this, Alton Sterling would still be alive. The article reads:

The Unified City Project: Revolution In Action

The more a society is divided into separate identifications and distracted away from its true nature, one living family, the more easily the society can be controlled for the benefit of those in power. When we understand our connectedness to everything outside of us, we know that the only way we can collectively transition past an unsustainable and illegitimate system is by looking at how we as individuals are attached to that system. Can we afford to value authority or pieces of paper more than the providence that comes from connecting with each other? The only way our system will continue to divide the people is if we continue to allow it to happen.

As humans are beginning to realize all over our planet, trying to save this situation that has been cultivated, through political reform, is not a solution. It should be obvious at this point that the Government and financial system are intimately linked. A true revolution – an evolution that propels humanity forward – is not going to come from the ballot box. The establishment would like you to believe such a thing is possible – that voting for a leader is going to turn everything around – but this in fact impossible. The solution lies within individuals in society that have the courage to take ownership of their own hearts and their own minds. The solution ultimately, lies within you.

Flint: Riots on the horizon

By now, most know the newspaper facts behind what happened in Flint over the Memorial Day weekend. A group of activists, some armed, traveled from over twenty states to bring water to a community poisoned and abandoned by those who should be protecting them. The water was distributed, a rally was held, activists took over the streets, and contacts were made. What happened in Flint was far more significant that that simple storyline.

First, it was an all-star cast of attendees. From high-profile activists like retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis to activists whose activities are a little more controversial in nature and who only go into print under aliases; “Yellow Laces” from my coverage of the Ferguson riots was there. They were men and women I recognized from many other news stories over the years and from across the country. There were veterans of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, peace activists, an activist I was subpoenaed to defend in an assault on an LEO case, militiamen who stood their ground at Bundy Ranch and the Sugar Pine Mine, Anonymous activists who have outed pedophiles and shut down DC, even the crew who literally tortured me on the Statehouse steps in Ohio was there. Those who attended were very active activists. This ensemble crossed all ideological lines. The crowd spanned from the far-right to the far-left. Constitutionalists, socialists, anarchists, communists, Republicans, Democrats, and just about every other “-ist” were there is support of Flint. All of that was set aside. In front of City Hall, a local activist wanted to close the day with a prayer. Sam Andrews, a right-wing Constitutionalist, led the prayer. People in the crowd who I personally knew to be atheists bowed their heads, not out of conformity but in unity. Earlier, when a speaker referred to centralized government as “unnecessary”, the Constitutionalists (many of whom see the Constitution and The Bill of Rights as ordained by God) didn’t heckle.

CIA Assisted in Mandela’s Arrest, Reveals Former US Spy

The CIA knew of Nelson Mandela’s whereabouts by sending a spy to infiltrate the inner circle of the African National Congress.
At the time of Mandela’s apprehension in 1962 he was being sought as a fugitive for his anti-apartheid activities, which inevitably led to the Black Nationalist leader spending the majority of his adult life in prison. Now there’s reason to believe the CIA played a key role in his detainment.

Ex-South African intelligence official, Gerard Ludi, alleged that in the early 60’s the CIA placed an official cover intelligence officer named Donald Rickard in Durban, South Africa under the title of U.S. Vice-Consul.

Recently, just weeks before his death on March 30, Rickard himself confirmed those reports and suspicions when he admitted to British film director John Irvin that it was indeed he whom had tipped-off the CIA as to Mandela’s whereabouts. The former spy seemingly had no regrets about his role in the arrest though, because according to him, Mandela was “the world’s most dangerous communist outside of the Soviet Union.”