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Peace Outside – War Inside

Bosnia (BD) – Trauma is not restricted to or suffered by only the generation which experienced the war first-hand. Rather, when not treated appropriately, trauma is often transferred within families from one generation to the next. More than 20 years after…

$100,000 vaccine challenge to be announced soon

(TFC) Washington DC – Robert Kennedy is now chairman of a foundation called The World Mercury Project and will announce later today the project will be conducting a $100,000 journalistic challenge, which will offer one-hundred thousand dollars to any person who can…

Scientists Identify Area of Brain Affected by Autism

A team of scientists in Dublin has found that a particular region of the brain reacts differently to stimuli in those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The team believe that their findings could be useful in devising new therapies for those afflicted with ASD.

The research team, led by Dr. Joshua Henk Balsters, a neurologist with ETH Zürich, sought to discover more effective treatments for autism, according to, as, “whenever we have spoken with parents of children with autism, interaction is something that parents find very sad or very difficult.”

Balsters’ team, composed of scientists from Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK, performed MRI scans on the brains of people with ASD, and on control subjects with no neural disorders. Balsters found a difference in activity between the two groups in a specific part of the brain.