A day in the life of a member of the elite Global 1%

Destin, Florida (TFC) – Would you recognize this man if you passed him on the street? Maybe, but probably not. He’s made international TV news, but you probably won’t find him on American news stations unless it’s in the background of a report on the activities of other people of his status. For the last three years running, the media has covered a meeting of his ilk in DC. Almost none of the participants were named in the reports.

He wakes up and checks his cell phone before he rolls out of bed. He pays particular attention to events in the Middle East and how they impact the political situation in the US. He readily admits making his living off what Americans don’t know. He puts his shoes on. For 1.3 billion of the world’s population, it would take six months of earnings to purchase them. He climbs into an SUV and drives to get breakfast. The custom SUV costs more than the net worth of 85% of the world’s population. His breakfast costs 4 times the daily wage of about half of the world. His dogs are waiting by the door when he returns home. The dogs have a better diet than about 800 million humans. Of course, the dogs are pure bred. The pair are worth more than 39% of the population makes in a year. Today, he’s having a hard time getting his day started. He was up all of last night talking to a team of other elites scattered around the world. He admits to using that team to influence the news you read.

Who is this international man of mystery? Me. If you’re reading this, be certain that you are part of the world’s economic elite. If you make $11,769 per year. You’re more wealthy than 85% of the world’s population. At $20,000 per year, you become part of the top 4% of income earners. At $32,500 per year, you become part of that elite 1%.

Foreign Currencies. Image source: epSos.de

Foreign Currencies.
Image source: epSos.de

Why does this information matter? This information should empower you. Even at what is considered “poverty” in the United States, you’re more wealthy than 85% of the world’s population. We aren’t powerless, but as the purchasing power of the dollar continues to decline we will be. We have to begin making wiser decisions with our spending habits and we have to become more active in generating an alternate economy to the one controlled by our corporate overlords. We have to start supporting local businesses, especially those who are friendly to creating an alternate power structure.

If we continue spending our money with corporate giants or continue withdrawing from the economic system altogether, we will lose what little power we have. Every activist should make it a priority to develop a business model that allows them to drain profits from the corporate power structures that are slowly eroding the middle class. Those drained profits should empower change. As a movement, we need to become economically independent from economic structures that funnel money to the same 0.0001% of the population.

As activists, we tend to hate materialism in almost all of its forms. However, we are at war with the system. Wars cost money. We must begin building a network of businesses and individuals who stand within the system, but against it. If it feels hopeless, take heart in the fact that you are part of the 1%. At the very least the 15%. If it feels hopeless to you, imagine how it feels for those who are part of the 99% or 85%. Almost the entire world is counting on you to make your dollars matter. You are the only hope for those people.

As people of conscience we have no choice but to develop a decentralized network of businesses and services to undercut corporate monopolies and use those funds to secure a future where poverty and tyranny and unacceptable.

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