Interview series with the 99: Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams, is a well-known activist in the Philadelphia area. She is a close friend and long
time comrade of Evey Hammond, founder of Ninety-Nine. They have worked closely over the last
year and half, and Danielle was the first team member to help assist with the project. She is most
familiarized with the audience and helps to operate and manage Ninety-Nine.
Danielle considers her biggest accomplishment to be her escape from the toxicity of North
Philadelphia without becoming a teenage mother or a drug addict. Although her mother was college
educated and did her best to raise Danielle and her siblings, she also suffered from severe
depression throughout most of Danielle’s childhood which caused her to abandon the children on
several occasions. With a mentally unstable mother and a crack addicted father, Danielle realized at
a very young age that she needed to establish a way to take care of herself. Her rebellious attitude
and lack of family stability eventually landed her in foster care, and later, into multiple group homes
and shelters for children. Being under the care of the DHS system caused her to move around quite
a bit. She then became a runaway and no longer focused on school, and instead, focused her
attention on making money.
While growing up in North Philly she befriended many different types of people and experienced a
lot at a very young age. When reflecting back, she describes it as being a very unpleasant time in
her life, but never felt defeated as she believes those experiences only made her stronger.
At 16 she moved in with an older boyfriend, and it was at this point in her life that she began to take
interest in politics. She was introduced to a show called “Meet the Press”. When first exposed to this
material most of the glossy verbiage used on the show was challenging for her to comprehend.
Despite her struggles to keep up with the material on show, she still had found it intriguing as she
developed an interest in watching political debates. Being exposed to this at such a young age,
coupled with the time she’d spent with an older crowd, made her curious about adulthood. She was
not fond of school or anything it stood for. She found school to be problematic as she felt she was
always trying to fit in, never agreed or understood her school work, was constantly being teased for
not wearing the latest fashion trends and would get into physical altercations regularly. She
eventually stopped going and started to sell drugs and hustle as hard as she could until she was able
to rent her first apartment at the age of 17.
Shortly thereafter, she became manager of the two stores at one of the biggest malls in the
Philadelphia metropolitan area. Her view of the world became exactly what she was seeing in the
clothing stores of the mall where she worked and everything that was presented to her in front of the
TV set that she watched every night. Despite the modern day distractions of life she never lost her
love of words and books. She was very into astrology/numerology and history at that time and
would read anything pertaining to those topics.
By 2008 Danielle was a legal adult and able to vote in the presidential election that year. It was
through the election, in particular the Obama campaign, that she was reintroduced to politics. Like
most naive Americans at that time, she fell into the hype and excitement of being a part of what was
taking place in America at the time, which included the prospect of possibly having an African-
American president in office for the first time in history. When she voted for Barack Obama in
2008, it would be the first and last time she would vote for him. She believes his presidency is what
catapulted her into the world of activism as she became increasingly curious about presidential
duties and the type of authority they hold after being elected.
Through reading about astrology and numerology, she developed a strong interest in science. One
day while researching information about the galactic alignment, she came across a documentary that
discussed a “conscious shift” in conjunction with the Mayan calendar. To this day she is very
convinced that the documentary she watched had something to do with altering her perspective and
thoughts on life.
For almost 2 years she considered herself a sponge for information, suddenly becoming curious
about topics she’d never been exposed to while attending school or growing up in the rough streets
of North Philly. She further explains how befuddled she was by her growing vocabulary as she was
becoming familiarized with words that that she says she could not even pronounce a few years
prior. The passion and thirst for more knowledge on politics and spiritual enlightenment began to
consume her. She says she very quickly lost all interest in fashion, TV, old friends and other
unimportant life distractions. Danielle started reading, going to the library, researching, watching
documentaries, and also YouTube videos as well. She was educating herself on anything being
presented to her.
After watching a particular documentary she became aware of topics such as, the Federal Reserve,
the National Defense Authorization Act, and the Patriot Act, amongst others. The more she
researched, she grew increasingly outraged by her discoveries about government corruption. After
the anger subsided she realized it was her personal responsibility and duty as an activist to try and
make a difference by spreading awareness about the issues she’d been researching so diligently.
Essentially, she felt obligated to educate people on these topics.
She would later create an Instagram page dedicated to activism where she would have the freedom
to speak her mind on these issues and try to educate others through images and quotes to express
how she felt. Until this experience she had no idea that there were other like-minded individuals
with the same viewpoints. She quickly developed a devoted following of over a thousand people
that supported her political beliefs.
It was through Instagram that she became aware of the Anonymous ideology. She started to network
and develop close relationships with activists all over the world. She heard about Anonymous’
annual Million Mask March executed every November 5th in Washington, DC and all over the
world. After hearing about the event from one of her followers she decided to attend the event for
the first time in 2012. It was her first protest and she describes the experience as an awakening of
the sleeping giant within her.
She appreciated the support and camaraderie she received from other activists and it was a
reassurance that her opinions and beliefs were valid.
Danielle went through many obstacles in life but she found her purpose in activism which allowed
her to not only engage large groups of protesters with her inspiring words, but also stand up to
unlawful law enforcement. This event gave her hope, acceptance and inspiration to speak freely.
From that moment on it became clear why she had survived some of the gross atrocities in her life
from growing up in North Philly to the struggles she endured as a child. She believes those harsh
experiences are what made her brave enough to become a powerful voice for the people.
Sadly, she recalls wanting to die when she was a child due to the despicable behavior of so many
human beings, from the way they treated each other to their disregard and complete lack of respect
for nature. Inevitably the poor display of humanity she observed through out her life is what really
saved her, as it made her stronger and more determined to make a change. For once she finally felt a
reason to live, and it was for the people.
In conclusion, Danielle parts with this quote, “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to
remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” – Oscar Wilde



991. What are your thoughts on the current elections?
I can say I’m anxious to see who “they” will pick as next president and vice president. I believe as long as there is money, greed, and ego in polictics we the people will suffer. Honestly I think it’s a joke and the it’s the illusion of choice at its finest “republic vs democratic” it seems that the media frenzy surrounding  elections  has gotten more and more outrageous I can understand why people still have faith in a our voting system because the propaganda and money that goes into it is so powerful.

2 Do you think Environmental concerns can be solved by electoral processes?

No only because enough people are not being properly informed, People have no idea what they’re voting for anymore and even when you do think you know what you’re voting for there is usually some type of loophole or corners that are being cut to turn a profit.. i mean if we had real genuine people or environmentalist that actually cared about the planet instead of turning a profit we would see more radical actions and less talk when it comes to the environment. Yet voting locally on environmental issues in your town or city can be effective.

3. Do you believe human survival is possible with only pacifist measures?

Think about it where are we all going to go? what are we fighting for? We are stuck on this planet together, shouldn’t we be spending all our time trying to figure out why are we all here and what’s the meaning of this whole planet? “WHY” is such a big question and no one has ever answered  yet we spend so much time at war with ourselves and each other that we forget our purpose which I believe is to find out “WHY” why war? why peace? History shows us repeatedly that war and fighting solves nothing, but when you see humans work TOGETHER in solidarity we have greatness… So yes 😉

4. Do you believe reform can save us from our current crisis?

I believe that people all over the world need to be first properly exposed to real education and self truth. Then we can introduce or reintroduce them to the basics of economics like explaining what money really is and how its “created” & if & when that reality sinks in we can then let the people decide.  no reform can save the mess that we are in.

5. Who are your favorite thinkers?
Harriet Tubman has to be one of them can you just imagine the type of fear she was feeling and the deep thoughts she was having while she was planning her escape before she actually did it. she was brainwashed her entire life to believe that she was nothing more than a Slave she must have been a really deep thinker to break those type of mental chains.. She kept going  back repeatedly to free more people despite Her fear.. The thoughts she must of had during  process had to be deep and carefully thought out, I am amazed by that.  Noam Chomsky, Huey P Newton, tupac, and any pisces person that has ever walked the planet like Albert Einstein, I like to think we pisces have a deep understanding of people and the universe we are just misunderstood.

6. What organizations are you most involved with now?
The Ninety nine of course and I still love to participate in anonymous events/Ops, I also recently started working with the Rbg /pan african organization in my community in their efforts to educate, empower and rebuild our neighborhoods.

7. Give us your description of the vision of The 99?
Ninety nine will be a prominent resourceful outlet for music, art, events, and information for activist and like minds all over the world. I can see it being a “freethinkers” number one outlet to connect With the movement.

8. Favorite radical art? 
Pawel Kuczynski I’m obsessed with his talent his art is thought provoking and beautiful he always brings political in social issues to life with his work definitely check him out! Banksy is so dope to me as well his work is creative and innovative with the stencils and he has definitely caught the younger generations eye with his social and  politically driven art it’s very important to catch The attention of the youth.

9. Advice to activists?
Stay diligent and vigilant become more fearless in your actions and speak out loud about your uncensored thoughts as much as you can, because those thoughts and ideas to me are the great ones!! Remember We have a radical problem on this planet and we NEED radical change! One person, just one person can change the course of history. One person can be “the glitch in the matrix” YOUR thoughts and ideas are powerful don’t forget it!!  stay strong and love as hard as you can no matter what, And thank You for all that You do!!

10. Any final shout outs?
Wow yes first I  would like to thank Evey Hammond for believing in me and seeing “ME” in a world full of illusions your hard work inspires me and keeps me motivated thank you! China my best friend thanks for everything I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you!
My Ninety nine sisters Evee, Claire, Lavonne and Nataliea for all your passion and beautiful talents that you share with the world I wouldn’t want to be on this path with anyone else!! Heat 100 radio and the host jay reezy and Corey wims, of course the fifth column for this awesome opportunity:-)
My friends that support me in my efforts in my community, Kate babe, Mathilda Frounjian , colleen and Steven cellini, Allison witz, Quadir robinson, Activist Ron Green. Chris Arnold, Michael long aka vintage 215, sean & bobby magee, Christopher Rodgers, My brother Antoine & my cousin Alexis for their constant support even when I look and sound like a crazy person, My sister Alisha I miss you thanks for planting those seeds of knowledge in me early years, The Anonymous family all over the world you guys gave me the courage to raise my voice and become what I needed to be.. a leader that creates more leaders! to every person that has been with me on this path even if it was for a day, we crossed paths for a reason and I like to think that I take something from every person that I meet so thank you. Also anyone that spends their lives fighting for justice solidarity and peace I love u all.