The Fifth Column is One Year Old Today

(TFC) – Happy Birthday to us! We officially launched just 365 days ago. Many of you were there when this all started and watched as we set out to build a truly independent global network. You might remember seeing the occasional maps we shared that marked our progress as we “infiltrated” various countries and obtained coverage for that nation. It was a pretty lofty goal. We accomplished it in less than a year, and the proof is in the numbers. Over the course of the last 45 days, people in 198 countries read TFC.

Our journalists had the drive to make the content available, but you are the people who share it and put it in front of millions of readers each month. You built this network. You allowed us to expand and grow. Some of you even contributed to our fundraiser, allowing us to expand our operations to levels we didn’t think would be possible for years to come.

What started out as a team of a dozen like-minded people has exploded into a network with three sites and a radio station. Our content is available in almost every language on earth. We have people working to stay ahead of the latest censorship filters. We are going to take back the media from multi-national corporations and government censors, and you’re making it happen.

We want to hear from you. We want to know what you want more of and what we can do better. We want to know how we can continue to earn your support. Please, if you have a suggestion, let us know on our new forums.


The TFC Network currently includes:

The Fifth Column: Our flagship site with an international focus. It’s backed by a massive global network of independent journalists, affiliates, and like minded sites.

The Pontiac Tribune: A long-time mainstay of the independent media, The Pontiac Tribune joined the TFC family in January of 2016. It will soon transform into a US and Canadian focused independent outlet dedicated to establishing a network of journalists from all of the major markets in those two countries.

Sleeper Cells: To compete with the world’s media conglomerates, TFC has to step beyond the written word. This outlet is primed to begin establishing our video and audio operations. Soon you will find original TFC audio and video content.

The Voice of the Infiltration: A 24/7 radio station that plays a collection of music, news, historical speeches, talk segments, and anything else we feel like airing. It’s available through the player located on any of the above sites.