The Chinese Missile Crisis: A Pageant

Washington, DC (TFC) – Last night and most of today the airwaves will be filled with reports of a missile crisis on Woody Island. The world will be shown grainy black and white photos invoking the haunting images of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is not the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is an orchestrated PR campaign, or as China called it “hyped”.

To set everyone’s mind at ease, let’s start by addressing the fact that these missiles are part of the Fang Dun 2000 missile system. “Fang Dun” loosely translates “Defensive Shield,” and the narrative begins to fall apart right there. An alternate designation, HQ-9, sounds scarier so that’s what you’ll hear in the western media. The system is the rough equivalent to the US “Patriot” missile system used during the first Gulf War to knock out Iraqi Scuds.

This is not an aggressive act, this is not a provocation. The Chinese military placed a defensive missile system on an island that sits in the South China Sea. The South China Sea sees $5 trillion in cargo pass each year. Yes, it’s normal for the Chinese to want to protect it. They have been building lighthouses, repairing shorelines, runways, and even building entire artificial islands for years to increase Chinese influence and the safety of that cargo.

Image Source: By Jian Kang - 2009. beijing. troops parade,

Image Source: By Jian Kang – 2009. beijing. troops parade,

The media will continue to tell you it’s a “contested island“, as if China doesn’t have claim or authority to place this system on the island. It’s contested in the way Guantanamo Bay or dozens of other properties are contested. The fact is that Woody Island has been under Chinese control for more than half a century. The preparations for a military increase on this island became publicly known in April in 2015 when the runway was expanded.

This isn’t a surprise, it isn’t even news. So why is it taking over the airwaves?

It’s planned and choreographed to send a signal to Beijing about the success of the President Obama’s ASEAN meeting. A bit south of Hollywood, the President just wrapped up talks with leaders from the Association of SouthEast Asian Nations. They ended their meeting by asking for tensions to calm in Southeast Asia, giving the President the opportunity to appear like he’s in control of and ready for anything concerning his “Asian Pivot” (the President’s plan to refocus attention on East Asia, rather than the Middle East). This was a completely scripted incident, and the Western media is dutifully playing its role.

It’s overshadowing the real news coming out of the ASEAN conference. The President of the United States sat down with the dictators and tyrants ruling over the people of Southeast Asia and worked out deals to help keep them in power as long as they sided with the US in the current race for influence in Asia. Here’s a brief summary of the paragons of virtue and justice who the “leader of the free world” had dinner with.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen: He’s the longest reigning dictator in Asia. He was also a commander in the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge killed 1 out of every 5 people in the country in the 1970s.

Malaysia’s Najib Razak: He’s the thug currently running Malaysia. He’s had his police force threaten to arrest people who make fun of him on the internet, and passed laws giving him unmatched power. He’s also the criminal who apparently enlisted the help of Goldman Sachs to steal almost $700 million from the people of that country. 

Laos’s Choummaly: It was easy for him to stay in power over the last decade. He’s the leader of the only legal political party in the country. Human Rights abuses occur so often they aren’t even covered anymore.

Brunei’s Hassanal Bolkiah: The Sultan of Brunei. He’s one of the wealthiest men on earth, and maintains absolute control over his tiny state. Being stoned to death with government sanction is a punishment for being gay. He also cancelled Christmas last year. Seriously, anyone caught publicly celebrating Christmas was sent to prison for five years.

So the real worry for America is not a small missile system with a range of 150 miles on the other side of the world. It’s that once again, the government is selling out the morality of the country to wine and dine dictators and thugs who should be swinging from a lamppost.